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A member registered Jun 28, 2016

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I'm Kuroe, 24, still trying out to figure out life I guess. Socially awkward, but doesn't show much on the interwebs.

I've never participated in a jam before, nor made a single game. But I want to! That's why I'm here. So yeah, I'm very much a newbie in everything. Also I don't even remember how I heard about this jam.

As I don't have any xp I was actually wondering what engine to use. Is Unity or Unreal Engine doable for a newbie? (Also I have a mac)

I tend to be all over the place when doing something because I wanna try every damn thing. So my main goal here is to actually manage to make a game, even if it sucks. I tried to learn C++ but got bored because boring examples & exercises. I need more concrete stuff. I just finished a small class in digital painting, focused on concept art I think? (I'm not even sure anymore because really we covered the basics under a few months; it was just a short distance class with a Swedish university) I also took a small creative writing class a couple of years ago (apparently I'm good at poetry even though I don't like it). That's for the loosely related to video-game stuff.

My favourite games are Portal and Dishonored. But Portal is really on top of the list forever and ever. But I don't want to make a puzzle-like game. I don't really know what time of game I'd like to do. I guess I'll adapt it to the story that comes to mind.

Otherwise I'm not really passionate about anything. I just like stuff a lot in periods. The recurrent things are video games, comics, fantasy and legos. I love to do things with my own hands. Actually I learn way faster and better when I get to DO stuff on my own, rather than just eating theory. So yeah. I have the attention span of Dory, so I usually never finish anything (unless I really want to AND I have deadlines set by others :x ).

I really look forward to start this and maybe make friends? Who knows :D