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I wrote a thing earlier, small bimbofication scene for Twilight to transition from base form to stage 1 bimbo. It's pretty heavy on the lewd, and the formatting definitely needs to be changed to make it viable for the game, but let me know what you guys think. It's just a rough draft right now anyways, pieces can be changed without too much issue at all. I wrote it to be kind of ambiguous so that it can be inserted into the story while also not necessarily impacting the central narrative.


This is quite a lot.

I could make a bigger text box just for the transformation scenes since, wow, there is a lot more here than anyone else has been writing, but it's really good stuff. One thing I would say is maybe some dialogue or internal monologue would be nice, as it would give a better image to the player of her mental changes and how she feels about this.

But honestly, this is quite above and beyond what I was expecting. Good work!

I suppose the question then is do we want to trim it down so it's more in-line with the rest of the game, but have tranformations/sex-scenes be special occasions with more text?

Sure! I was debating whether or not to write in some dialogue for her since I wasn't super sure how it would be formatted in the context of the game. If internal dialogue is something you're interested in doing, though, I'm more than happy. It'd make the piece a little more punchy, I think.

I suppose that sort of depends on whether or not people want to focus more on the bimbofication, or the end result. Shorter, more poignant pieces would help the pacing of the game. Since text games are wordy by nature, people may prefer a little more brevity here. Are we feeling longer, or shorter scenes? 

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First of all, wanna say really appreciate the energy and helpfulness you've provided, it's really motivating to keep things going.

Just wanna make sure we're on the same page on how the bimbofication works. There are 10 bimbo levels, but so far it's been set to have her turn into an ''actual'' bimbo at level 6. 

So when you said ''from base form to stage 1 bimbo'' did you mean from level 1-2 or from 5-6 in what you wrote? 

Seems from you prvious comments you meant it was from level 1-2, but her chest sounded like it expanded to level 6 in the story?

Wouldn't be too difficult thought to change the art to match the bimbofication writing, if we decide to go for a more gradual change. 

But was hoping to hear if you had in mind to write the changes for all 10, or just from 5-6 and then from 9-10 (where she will have a good end and bad end change)

But again thanks alot for your interest in contributing, you've done splendid.


I meant 1 to 2. I can tone down the level of expansion though, that wouldn't be very difficult at all. I was going to just have a second round of more pronounced breast growth when we got to that point. The change was meant to be from a B cup to a D or a DD, and then for 6 it would likely be DD to a G, but I can tone it down a bit more if that's what's preferred!

I'd be happy to write all the way from 1 to 10 if you wanted me too. I can't make any promises for timelines, as I'm moving apartments pretty soon, but I'm more than willing to pitch in for the cause. 

Maybe tone it down a little, but if everyone else here is comfortable with that much text for the TF, then hell yeah let's keep going. It's one of my favorite aspects tbh.

Regarding timelines, don't sweat it too much. This entire thing is pretty much bottlenecked by my efficiency which is AWFUL and we've only just started writing/programming the actual bimbo elements of this story.

Do what you can, and if I SOMEHOW get the game to a point where every single thing is done except for your bimbofication scenes, then we can talk.

Excellent! I'll get started on the next few stages then. I'm not sure how wordy they'll be yet, but I'll just write as much as I think is appropriate, and I can alter it after the fact, pending approval from everyone!

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You're an excellent sport to this whole project.

What you wrote right now. Would say the first one could absolutely be used. The only sentence to make changes to would be to remove the ''-''->((Pounds of))<- firm teen tit meat grow upon her chest, ''

Would say the best cause of action is for you to just write and not feel like you have limitations. The transformations could have various length, making them short or longer depending on what you feel.

only thing to maybe keep in mind that these can be done s cutscenes with an illustration. 

But the more various poses/locations she's in, the more art needs to be drawn. 

(So say all her 1-5 stages happen on her desk then only 1 illustration is needed (with edits (no problem))

(If all 1-5 stages happen on either her desk or bed then 2 illustrations are needed and so on.)

But don't let that stop you, So gonna say just try it and then let's see if anything needs change in the workflow. 

Sure! I was kind of thinking that somewhere along the line her desk could do double duty as a vanity/work space, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, I was planning on writing this next sequence under the assumption that she won't actually notice the changes itself, but she will notice the changes in her day to day life because of them. For example, her breasts being strangely needy and sensitive recently, or the leering gazes of boys as they eye her chest in passing, something that likely hadn't happened before. If people have any input as to whether or not this seems like a good idea, it'd be much appreciated. I'm just kinda working off the cuff right now to see what fits and what doesn't.

Oh yeah that also makes sense. All your ideas sounds pretty neat, feel like you should just go for it. But otherwise if there's any doubt C.Snacks is the one to consult!