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Replied to Jicho in Hiatus comments

Very much appreciated! Thanks.

Replied to Jicho in Hiatus comments

Alright understood. But is there a current google doc the writers use and share with oneanother? If so would like to have access to it to be on the roll with what could be provided art-wise.

Posted in Hiatus comments

Does the editor also works to add art-assets? If so, if you guys have a collective google.doc or something, would like to be part of it to see what art can be made for their writing.

Pinkie Pie smiling excitedly and sweetly.


Outside of Twilight's house


SCC/Diner BG


Understood, gonna look into it.

Presuming the new requred assets are for the 10th  S- Link with twilight?

Seem to not be able to proceed the story after the first few conversations if you choose to bimbofy her early on. It keeps saying ''You don't think your relatioship will improve quite yet''. 

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No there isn't any set date, it's just about being careful not to suddenly lose track of things. 

Right now it's all about the writing and the programming to move things along, the art has reached a point where it can quickly catch up with any new material that's out.

Pretty good, you're really developing the whole dynamic here. Good thinking on the optional S-link with the Twilight date.

What we've done for Twilight is that she has 10 S-Links that work s non-bimbo. Then after that it's her bimbo arc, if the player chooses to bimbofy her. So yes yes the normal path and the bimbo path are seperated. Cheerilee can maximum reach bimbo level 5 in the normal one.

Of course you don't have to do 10 S-links for cheerilee if you wish to proceed to her bimbo stage already. It's just a demo afterall. 

Did a little design on harshwhinny. Design is up for changing of course.

No you're doing great work here, really enjoyed reading through it. 

Since this is just a demo you don't need to have excatly 10 S-links like with twilight so just write what you feel you can. Things can always be fleshed out later.

As for Harshwhinny, don't think anyone minds having her around, we just try to keep the number of characters limited for now. But! Wouldn't mind drawing her non-bimbo form for this shot. 

As for the 3rd S-link, it seems a bit more time focused, depending on where the player is in the game before she tells twilight to leave the library. It can of course still be used, since it might still pass of as vague enough of her not knowing how much time the player and her spend.

As for the study group, sounds like an interesting spin on things good thinking. Could easily lead to some group action cutscenes, or a 'private' study session goign the bimbo route.

But yes nothing needs to be perfect, the important thing is to just have material to work with. Good job.

Wonderful. Cheerilee's bimbo design is also up in the works if that's something you wanna attempt on or keep in the back of your mind

Okay so we have some tasks for you if you feel up for it.

It'll be great if you could write some dialogue with Cheerilee as bimbo and non-bimbo.

The idea for her is that she's a new mid-twenty teacher (barely been working half a year) and wants the [Player] to feel comfortable in a new environment just like her. She's pretty nervous on befalf of her job, while strict at times.  

You could write some maybe 5-7 dialogue with her and the player, and they don't have to be long.

One could be about her worrying about twilight studying too much in the library.

One could be about her asking how the player feels in this new new school (Give some options to reply)

One could be where she slips up saying something about her fearing she's not doing a good enough job 

She has 1-5 stages as a non-bimbo

If you could work it in that in some conversation she shows signs of being a bit more jolly or less worried that'll be great too. That way everytime she gets a new bimbo level, a new conversation with her can be started. 

But it's up to you how may conversations you want to make with her non-bimbo form. You decide the lengh and what feels most comfortable. Does this sound like something or would you like a different task like random dialogues spreading rumors in Sugar Cube Corner?

Oh apologies thought Velvets art was uploaded


Here you go.

While that's a possibility on the multiple couple ending, personally it would feel like the weight of the writing gets taken away if there's not been used any bimbo magic at all. Would it be possible to only allow one couple ending if there's not been used bimbo magic once?

It's always good to have willing hands on board. Surely the writers or programmers could assign you some task, but right now alot of things are still up in the air.

The current (why things change) is not that important at the moment. The thing  right now is there's only 4 characters to work with

Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Cheerilee, Velvet.

Twilight is already being worked on, but maybe some bimbo lewd scenes could be written, or talking with Cheerilee building her a bit up (Like maybe she's the new young teacher and sometimes asks the player for advice or wants to know if she's being too strict, or maybe she's a total sweetheart and just wants to make sure [Player] is feeling well as the new student etc). Or maybe a few flavor text to talk with Pinkie when visiting SCC at day/night.

Just throwing some ideas out there, but would be best if you ask or get in touch with C.Snacks on what kind of script you could try and go for.

- Might need to have a task manager. Don't mind taking up that role unless anyone else wants. But coordination with the current head-writer might be a good first step. Maybe they can give you some tasks. 

If it's any easier writing in the 4chan thread http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/30597556 might make it easer to create a dialogue and have tassks handed out.  

-that was pretty lovely, reading through it, it felt really rewarding to choosing to go the non-bimbo path. This would also leave the door open to change her still later on.

Only thought here is that this work beautifully as a demo or a (one-path dating route) where she is the focus.  But let's say in the future if it became possible to interact with all the main six girls, wouldn't it be weird to have all the non-bimbo couple endings at same time? Maybe there can't be more than 1 couple ending if everyone is still at level 0 bimbo?

Just wanted to throw that thought out there even though it wouldn't play the slightest role in the demo.

Don't mind drawing the cutscenes once a script is made. Shouldn't be too difficult making edits depedending on the bimbo levels. Would say the art shouldn't be the limitation at the moment.

Thanks for the input! The demo game here is gonna have a lot more elements than was ever hoped for. Think it's alright but maybe others have some suggestions. good job otherwise.

Zip File again for the level 2-3


Appreciated! Here's the second 2-3 transformation edits


Happy to have you on board.

Zip File - (Edited the last two images where she lost the pen in her hand) 


Done! First 1-2 transformation complete, this was really fun, but time consuming. In any case wanna hear what everyone thinks of this


Tried to include all text, where there's written (No-Text) can stay like that, or there could be added at least one extra line to fill the void. Either option works.

Gonna go for the 2-3 next.

Alright, if anything in the backgroud needs adding do tell. Gonna work on the transformation sequances now following the scripts given.

Here's a promo image so far for the cutscene. It takes a while to set up the layers, and also need to add shading and more deck objects (maybe a poster at the door?) but edits can be done from here easily.

Gonna work on the edits for what has been written so far soon enough.

Oh wow, fast as the wind. Quite detailed loving it. Specially how the objects changed as well.

Gonna request the next change to only be max a page long if you'd like. Thinking more is better but just out of curiousity. Wouldn't want you to burn out.

But gonna try and make an illustration now and share it when it's up for editing. This is gonna be fun to draw.

Oh yeah that also makes sense. All your ideas sounds pretty neat, feel like you should just go for it. But otherwise if there's any doubt C.Snacks is the one to consult!

Could have a look at the art once the writing can help as a guideline.

(Edited 1 time)

You're an excellent sport to this whole project.

What you wrote right now. Would say the first one could absolutely be used. The only sentence to make changes to would be to remove the ''-''->((Pounds of))<- firm teen tit meat grow upon her chest, ''

Would say the best cause of action is for you to just write and not feel like you have limitations. The transformations could have various length, making them short or longer depending on what you feel.

only thing to maybe keep in mind that these can be done s cutscenes with an illustration. 

But the more various poses/locations she's in, the more art needs to be drawn. 

(So say all her 1-5 stages happen on her desk then only 1 illustration is needed (with edits (no problem))

(If all 1-5 stages happen on either her desk or bed then 2 illustrations are needed and so on.)

But don't let that stop you, So gonna say just try it and then let's see if anything needs change in the workflow. 

Thinking it would be best to agree on what actually to do with the NPC replacement before actully agreeing on something.

Personally would like to just leave it as a voice and the player and click on something in the room to start the changes.

There's already been ideas thrown around, but might as well start agreeing on something.

Understand. Absolutely don't mind having more bimbos either. Gonna propose that if you wish to write some bimboliciousness for pinkie, cheerilee or velvet if the story demands it on your end, then the art asset can easily be provided once it written or confirmed that's the path it'll go. Since we're limiting ourselves it doesn't sound too bad.

(Edited 1 time)

First of all, wanna say really appreciate the energy and helpfulness you've provided, it's really motivating to keep things going.

Just wanna make sure we're on the same page on how the bimbofication works. There are 10 bimbo levels, but so far it's been set to have her turn into an ''actual'' bimbo at level 6. 

So when you said ''from base form to stage 1 bimbo'' did you mean from level 1-2 or from 5-6 in what you wrote? 

Seems from you prvious comments you meant it was from level 1-2, but her chest sounded like it expanded to level 6 in the story?

Wouldn't be too difficult thought to change the art to match the bimbofication writing, if we decide to go for a more gradual change. 

But was hoping to hear if you had in mind to write the changes for all 10, or just from 5-6 and then from 9-10 (where she will have a good end and bad end change)

But again thanks alot for your interest in contributing, you've done splendid.

Thinking this end had just the right about of feels, well balanced you keep surprising. Very happy how this turned out, and a great way for the player to be put in a dilemma to change her for the broken dream. 

Would say if you were to add anything more, instead of the party scene, it could be the player about to pick her up at her house, but hears her sobbing to herself that she wished she was less strict with herself and be more fun etc.

Of course where it just ended now is also more than enough. Good work.

Those seem pretty good, thanks for your contribution

(Edited 1 time)

Ah yeah absolutely doesn't have to be the library, but would be possible to have cheerilee in it, but could be somewhere else as well. 

Absolutely up for drawing the supporting cast as bimbos if needed.

Still curious how the S-Link mechanic will work from now. You talk with twilight, then s-link, and then to continue the story you need to use the velvet room for the next S-link? (Presuming her leveling up from 6-10 is neccessary?) Or now the S-links are more than enough to push her transformation with words alone.

Ah yeah, one idea that slips to mind would be to have a scene with twilight casually topless in the library at some point. Could easily edit sprites for that.

oh and have the current sprites as placeholder here https://ufile.io/sqap5

And here's a concept for the 4th option just so show what's possible. While this may be more convoluted, but up for anything. This here is just for going to show what's possible. Now that the main drawing is done, it would take maybe a day or two to make all the needed edits. 

So Here's a concept for the 3rd option,  on how it could look on Twilight's progression.