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Art Asset Request Megathread Sticky

A topic by BimbosonaDev created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 379 Replies: 19
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

So with Kyuun, and Annon, and whoever else wants in, I decided it may be best to just make a thread summarizing art assets the game needs, and people can just sort of post 'oh I want to do that one' to claim it, and then you can provide it.

Art assets currently required are:

  • Classroom (Background: 1440x900)
  • Library (Background: 1440x900)
  • Cell Phone Icon (HUD: 100x100)
  • Contact images for cell phone? (Not sure, still thinking about it)

This post will be updated as people claim assets, post assets, and I can think of what else is still needed.

Whats the Location Changing Icon and S-Link+Hearts supposed to look like? Could make them later today.


The Location Changing Icon is the little green dude in the corner. Honestly it can be whatever you want, a person moving, a car, a bike, a map, as long as the player looks at it and knows 'oh I click that to move'

The hearts are the hearts that appear when you select dialogue options. I think just a nice pretty heart is probably good enough for this.

Ah alright, those will be done in a jiffy later.



Location Changer to Copy,  S-Link Heart to download


Here's the player's room resized to 1440x900, the other backgrounds will get posted here too.


(Edited 2 times)

Here's the violet room, based on the red room from Twin Peaks. Let me know if anything needs changing. Gonna do the classroom or library next.

That is a very interesting take on the violet room! Great work, might maybe add some blurred purple fog with low opacity to add some atmosphere

(Edited 1 time)

Definitely can do. There are some textured brushes I wanted to try out and they did a good enough job for now. File size doubled though, lol.

Fog transparency


That looks GREAT, really going back to the Red Room inspiration for Persona's Velvet Room, I love it.

Although, is it possible to just put up the fog as its own image on transparency at 100% opacity?

If so, I'd be able to put it in game and have it appear over the Violet Room Host NPC before you click on him.


Good idea, updated the last link to the fog transparency.

You're doing great work!


Would it be possible to make the bed and computer on transparent PNGs? That way I can import them in as sprite objects and make them clickable by the player.

Also, could you work with Annon on finding a clean way to put the Violet Room door in the player's bedroom?



Could cover the closet door with the violet room door, I could draw it up add some effects. Thoughts?


Since SCC wasn't taken, made one by tracind a diner with the show style



Twilights room. Not that detailed but fine as a placeholder. Top one is room with lights on, bottom one is with lights off

Man you work fast. That's good!

thanks, you wanted to do the classroom and library right?

Yeah, about halfway through library right now. The books are time consuming.


Angry Cheerilee