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Here's the violet room, based on the red room from Twin Peaks. Let me know if anything needs changing. Gonna do the classroom or library next.

That is a very interesting take on the violet room! Great work, might maybe add some blurred purple fog with low opacity to add some atmosphere

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Definitely can do. There are some textured brushes I wanted to try out and they did a good enough job for now. File size doubled though, lol.

Fog transparency

That looks GREAT, really going back to the Red Room inspiration for Persona's Velvet Room, I love it.

Although, is it possible to just put up the fog as its own image on transparency at 100% opacity?

If so, I'd be able to put it in game and have it appear over the Violet Room Host NPC before you click on him.


Good idea, updated the last link to the fog transparency.

You're doing great work!