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I'd love to take up the mantle of writing some bimbofication scenes. If someone can give me a rough timeline of how 'bimboed' each step of the process makes the girls, I can write the transformation process. Also, I'd be happy to write some other characters if it's needed, though I've only seen up the end of season three. Any characters introduced thereafter are a little unfamiliar to me, I'm afraid, but everyone else is fair game! Which of the girls is highly sought after?

Right now it's just Twilight, with plans to bimbofy Cheerilee coming along.

Bimbofication scenes happen in the evening, with nobody else around, not even the player. The player still gets to see it though, because that's fun.

Step 1-5 of Twilight's bimbofied appearance can be found here: https://itch.io/t/93577/twilight-promo

It will go up to step 10, but we don't have art finalized for that yet.


Perfect, merci beaucoup~!

How long should each stage be, word count-wise?

Well, there's ten of them, and while it's just Twilight (and probably Cheerilee) for the demo, there will be more girls in a future final build. So at least five more, maybe ten more, hell if we're feeling extremely ambitious, twenty is probably a maximum amount possible.

So that means we may need 50 of these in the final game, probably closer to 100 of them, and VERY UNLIKELY up to 200 of them. With these numbers in mind, honestly just write however much you feel is comfortable. The way the game is built I can basically load in as many text boxes as you need. 

I just finished my rough draft of the first bimbofication scene on a google doc, do you have an email or something I can send it to you with? Just looking to see if what I have here fits the bill for the world everyone's building before I start up on numbers 2 through 5.

Everyone's just been posting WIPs and such here in the community page, since this is such a group effort we don't really have any reason to keep things secret at the moment.

Hello, just wanted to see if by any chance you're still around wanted to continue on or you're just caught up in life.