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Sorry, I can't help you with the "bunch of errors" you get. I don't have a Mac, so I can't test LabChirp on Mac myself, but I know of a few people who have got it working through Mono.  After installing Mono, all you should have to do is open a terminal and type mono LabChirp.exe (or the full path to LabChirp). For instance, on Linux I can open a terminal and type mono "/home/labbed/Downloads/LabChirp/LabChirp.exe" and it works. For convenience, you could create a terminal script for future use.

LabChirp is not a Mono application, or a Cocoa# application. It is a .NET application. So I don't think I can use macpack.

However, I've heard that .NET CORE has a lot better native compatibility with Mac (and Linux), so I might give that a try for a future release if it isn't too much of a hassle to migrate.

Thanks for responding. I will try .NET core because Mono just isn’t working. I wonder if other people are having the same problem as me. I’ll let you know if .NET core works


Were you able to get LabChirp up and running on OS X?  I'm a Mac user, would love to have an executable file for sound design!

Nope! It was a lot of work and I couldn’t figure it out. I think the developer ought to create a guide


also a mac user, this ain't working