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yo, i made a game with the same name as you! Unfortunately i cant play the game though because im on mac and cant unzip .jar files natively

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the resolution is much larger than my screen, i cant play it :d 

edit: i fixed it, for all mac users with this issue you can go into the .love source files and add 

t.window.highdpi = true
t.window.usedpiscale = false

to the conf.lua, then edit the resolution to be half, and will work perfectly :>

having done that, this game is actually really cool! Voice acting and everything is pretty great! I love the bow+arrow sound effects and feel especially, it's just really cool!

online is failing

It worked for me on mac...

No! The PC version is perfect with the system it already has!

Thanks so much Dani :D

somone else got 19 mil now :D

Ha that's funny :D Its shortening the number - the actual score must be extremely long...

Yes! I very completely agree!

Thanks so much! :D

Could you do a mac release <3 the game looks awesome but i dont have a windows PC :(

The game was really fun, and from as far as i can tell it worked perfectly fine! :D Thanks for making the mac version :)

i wish there was a mac version :/ when i was watching videos it looked really fun!

YEES! Its so annoying to have to re-create and entire castle wall just to face it in a different direction!