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The graphics and effects look (as on screenshots) very good. Unfortunately, though, in the current state there is no gameplay: the insane hoard of enemies leaves you no chance at defense starting with wave 1 and trying to cool off pylons with water "full-time" didn't work a single time:(

We agree that the game surely could have used some balance and more polish over the actual gameplay, we had a number of hiccups during the jam and barely made it across the finish line, haha! We're sorry we didn't meet expectations but with the limited time we had we definitely tried our best. Sorry!

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No worries, you did well, but overlooked the main component - gameplay. I had similar issue with my Brackeys jam game, we had lots of art, but couldn't combine it in time for a nice gameplay. My lesson: ask artists to come up with very rough placeholder art and try to start on gameplay on day 1 (I only started on day 4-6 or something). I'll wait for an update of your game:)

Thanks for the feedback! We are going to adjust the balance for sure in a V1.1 patch. It is super hard right now, I only know of 1 person that has beaten it but it is possible!

I forgot to mention: visual effects, although very cool, lack "feedback". For example:

  • Shooting water and recharging water is the same graphic effect which left me unsure if recharging worked. Water ball which refills is a nice touch, but it's too small and almost unnoticeable to be the main indicator that recharging worked.
  • Cooling pylons with water gives no feedback at all. It never worked and I really don't know if I was doing something wrong or if I was just not doing it enough (although I tried to cool full-time)
  • Attack - looking back you realize that it actually works, but you don't see the moment of enemy death, so it's slightly unsatisfying

Waiting for the patch:)