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We really appreciate the positive feedback and are super happy you were able to enjoy our game! I really wish we had more time to work on a tutorial to better elaborate on these mechanics during the jam but we were very strapped for time towards the end and only got to put in very minimal details, we're happy that we were able to create something you enjoyed though. We are definitely listening to feedback and there have been talks about revisiting the game for a patch, I will definitely see if I can get some of your feedback in there to make sure the game is as good as it can be, thanks a ton for the helpful feedback and the positive outlook on things! Super happy we created something people can enjoy!

We're happy you thought the game was cool, we tried our bests and made something to definitely be proud of! The game definitely has its share of bugs and like any gamejam game could have definitely used some more time rather than being rushed out the door!

Your question about the flying enemies I'm not sure I have an answer to though. We never really named our enemies or got a chance to figure out what they really were in super great depth since our team didn't have a game designer and we were rushing to get things together. Our original idea was to have the enemies be creatures from another world invading to steal energy from the pylons who would return home with it, but I'm not sure they had much more depth than that unfortunately! Hopefully that answered your question? If not I'm happy to answer it with greater details!

We agree that the game surely could have used some balance and more polish over the actual gameplay, we had a number of hiccups during the jam and barely made it across the finish line, haha! We're sorry we didn't meet expectations but with the limited time we had we definitely tried our best. Sorry!

We definitely could have used some more time we agree, it was a gamejam after all with limited time to make something, and we focused on having fun and our teams health most of all, so some things didn't get finished in a way we would have liked! To restore your water beam you just have to blast it at the water by holding right click and it will refill your water orb in a couple seconds!

We're really sorry to hear that D:
Out of curiosity what is your monitors resolution/aspect ratio?

Our team would love some feedback on our game, Nema!


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Check out our game, we put a ton of love into it!

Come take care of Turtle Island and defend the crystal pylons from the darkness in this cute third person shooter!

Play as the crystal sage Nema and fight to defend the pylons on the Great Turtle Island. You are tasked with the job of taking care of this particular island and must defend the pylons of the Great Turtle Island from the darkness that ensues to drain it of its energy!


Travis Benton - Character Artist and Animator - Twitter  ArtStation

Alex Cecrle - Sound Lad and Programmer - Twitter

Camden Cecrle - Technical Artist and Animator - Twitter  ArtStation

Soreiany Khong - Character Artist - Twitter   ArtStation

Justice Shultz - Programmer - Twitter

Ray Soyama - Programmer (Senior Beep Booper)  - Twitter


WASD - Mouse to aim - Left click to shoot - Right click to spray water

Fly With Water! Cool Pylons!

- Right clicking will emit water from your wand, spray the ground and launch yourself, right clicking water will refill your handy water orb, hold on a crystal to cool it!

Magic Blast!

- Left clicking will blast a charged particle beam, hit enemies and zap them back to wherever they came from!


- Crystals get hot over time and need to be cooled off, when pylons get hot enemies are able to pinpoint your location, take care of them or they will get destroyed and the turtle will no longer be able to sail! Remember to blast them with water to speed up their cooling times!


- Powerups spawn around the island to help you out, they come in a few different forms: Movement Speed Increase -  x2 movement speed. Rapid Fire - Shoot way faster, Water Drop - Increases max water storage,  Skull - Increases damage, Heal - Heal the lowest health pylon by a little.

We built this game with a lot of love and hope you all give it a try and like it! :D