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Thanks for the feedback! We are going to adjust the balance for sure in a V1.1 patch. It is super hard right now, I only know of 1 person that has beaten it but it is possible!

I forgot to mention: visual effects, although very cool, lack "feedback". For example:

  • Shooting water and recharging water is the same graphic effect which left me unsure if recharging worked. Water ball which refills is a nice touch, but it's too small and almost unnoticeable to be the main indicator that recharging worked.
  • Cooling pylons with water gives no feedback at all. It never worked and I really don't know if I was doing something wrong or if I was just not doing it enough (although I tried to cool full-time)
  • Attack - looking back you realize that it actually works, but you don't see the moment of enemy death, so it's slightly unsatisfying

Waiting for the patch:)