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Thank you so much! It feels nice knowing that the game resonates with people!

Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of this issue and I believe we have fixed it. However we are unable to update the game on Itch until after voting on the jam is done. 

Thanks for the feedback! I wish we had more time to polish / balance the combat and add a save point after the tutorial. I think those changes would fix some of the problems we ended up having. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We knew it was ambitious to the point of being greedy but we thought we could pull it off, and I think we almost pulled it off. Lesson learned for next time tho!

Thanks for playing! We ran out of time to polish the combat haha. I think we are going to push an update that fixes the slimes jumping out of the map once jam judging is complete.

Thanks for the comment! If we had more time we would of loved to polish the combat but we didn't have any time to play test. (We didn't even verify that you could actually beat the game until hours after submission lol)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for playing! We didn't know how pervasive that bug would be until after we submitted ;-;

Thanks for the feedback! Currently the characters have slightly different move speed, and ideally we would of made a puzzle around that but we ran out of time pretty hard haha.

Thank you for the feedback! You can recharge your water by right clicking on the ocean but we ran out of time to update the tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback! We are going to adjust the balance for sure in a V1.1 patch. It is super hard right now, I only know of 1 person that has beaten it but it is possible!

Thanks for the feedback! To recharge the water beam right-click the ocean, we didn't have time to add it to the tutorial.

Thanks for the feedback! We never settled on the story of what they are but IMO tho are robots harvesting the crystals to take back home.

Super cute art, I love the use of color!

Thanks a lot! I wish we had more time to polish those UI elements but I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Thank you for the feedback! We are planning on doing a small V1.1 to fix some issues and address some problems.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! Ya I wish we had some more time to play test at the end, but that is just how jams are haha.

Thank you for the feedback! I super agree that some of them can be super overwhelming.

Ya, we were talking about doing some pop up tutorials at some point but we ran out of time. We are going to work a little more on it and that is pretty high priority.
Thank you for liking the ball game! It was one of the mini games I worked on. :-)

Thank you for playing! Super agree on skipping the play testing haha. We cut it really close with the submission deadline.

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The lighting is mostly handled by the effect shader on the camera. Its based on this post but modified a decent amount.

And to get the dithering effect we used a checkerboard texture on all of the models in the game.