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Today I didn't do much. No real sceenshots to show. What I did do, though, was start animating the main character, which was pretty troublesome >w<

Previously I've drawn her at a weird angle that frankly looked like something for a platformer, but since this is a top-down (well, 45 degrees or whatever) game with 4-directional movement, that couldn't work. So I drew her again and tried to make a downward facing walk animation:


The result was a damn catastrophe LOL, way too small to do anything that looks even halfway decent. So, I increased her size by a bit (from 9x9 to 10x15) and tried again. Also made an upwards walk.

and the idle frames:

Much better! She also doesn't look flat as a pancake any more, lol. Still no face as there's basically no room, but I think that's really cute in a weird way. Thoughts? The shading on the dress might also be a bit too intense, but eh, it's fine for now :v

And that's it for today. I spent way too much time on this. Extreme low-res is sooo hard D:


I was doing similar animations today, but yours look super smooth! I'm impressed! Big improvement (and I, for one, like the intense shadow)


That new animation is great, diggin it