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I tried implementing my usual "smooth" camera code, but I'm not sure how well it works at 64x64 resolution, most of the "smoothness" is kinda lost. But I guess it's not gonna get any better unless I break the rules. Thoughts? Is it too barfy or is it fine?

EDIT: Fixed camera for comparison. Actually, now looking at them side by side, fixed might just be better lol

EDIT: I'll be trying out a Zelda like camera tomorrow. My hopes are high. That worked well for Zelda on the GBC at least.


I think the smooth camera is a little distracting compared to the fixed follow, but I don't know if that's just me. It's looking nice either way!

well - smooth camera give better feeling of motion - i like it

can game have both camera mode options? : o

Hmm, i liked the smooth camera. I tried to put on my game too, but not work with my idea. But in your game looks cool!