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I've been getting a bunch of crashes and now my autosaves are totally corrupted. guess I gotta head back and finish level 5 again, bleh. So it seems like the crashes are related to the inventory somehow in town. When I pick up an item and put it over it's slot in the inventory, sometimes it'll say can't place that item here. And if I do, I'm guess it knows it can but also thinks it cannot, has an aneurysm and then the game dies. If I wait a moment and it goes away it seems fine, but I don't think about it sometimes and down goes the game. It's the first time it's corrupted the autosaves though. At least I still have my actual save, even if I have to finish that mess again.

Had the same type of crash while moving stuff around in my inventories while being on the "sell screen" in the forge.

Dang, that sounds awful! I'm really sorry its corrupting saves. : (

My only guess is I did something wrong when I implemented equipment augments (inventory in Voidspire never had this kind of issue). I will perform some checks on selling augmented items. If you can remember what items you were moving when it crashed (was it an augmented piece of equipment?) then that could help me track it down.

In my case it was an augmented mythril flail i believe.

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I've actually never augmented anything yet. I should probably mess around with it at some point but I've not figured it out yet. As for the game, let's see if I can get it to do it again. Okay, so I'm not sure what kicks it off exactly but this time it happened when in the barracks I moved one char out of my party and brought in another to take the Dark Mantle from their inventory. I put it into the stash. I closed the inventory, and put the characters back as they were. I opened inventory and the stash again, and then tried to put the dark mantle on the character, in the slot they had a hip flask already, and the game crashed. Doing it again, the same thing happened.

Oh and I have a bug where sometimes abilities disappear from my tool bar or clone themselves multiple times onto it. Removing the class and putting it back sometimes fixes it, but not always and I can't really do that in a fight. The good news is I can use moves from the character screen, but it is rather annoying.

I wonder if it;s trying to augment items with items not designed for augmentation and that is causing it? Its still happening after the new update though. It went off again when I made a shield out of the shellworm plate then tried to put it in a slot with a shield in it. I think instead of swapping items in your hands, it;s trying to augment them with non augments and crashing,