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I don't believe I was. Let's see... No, it was the forge not the anvil. I tested it. Here's what I did. First, I dropped a scarf on it, no crash. Next, I built a new web whip, put that on it. Nothing. deforged piece of iron, put it on it. Nothing. Picked up a web whip, clicked it on the forge then on a bottle. Crash. 

Wasn't sure what did it so went to recreate it. Took awhile but I'm certain now. The crash happens when you attempt to click while the text cannot use this item there is up and then an item is place on top of another item. This seems to usually happen if you try to put an item that can't be deconstructed in the forge, but I've had the text pop up at other times when moving items around.

You should put this in the known bugs thread and put more detail. What is your party, is anything else happening, what room is it, does it happen with every run or just this one, etc.  Any details can help.

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So the new patch fixed my crash. I go walk into the next area from my fixed auto save. And well... I took a picture. Kinda a crappy picture but can see the problem I imagine. Fortunatly abandoning the run seems to have worked around it, but figured you should know.

Also still crashing the game when I put an item on another item in the blacksmith's. This time a web whip on top of an empty bottle from my stash.

No, they were from before. I'm not sure why. I can load a normal save from prior but it's pretty far back.

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Welp thats a new one. I just had a character stop existing. I think because they swapped places with a Zoogbat that was despawning, so they both despawned. So that's fun. And it corrupted my autosaves to boot.

I've had a bag in the stash since day one so that's awkward haha. I thought there was still permadeath so I wanted to save it until I had a strong enough character to keep alive, then forgot it was there. Back out it goes!

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I've actually never augmented anything yet. I should probably mess around with it at some point but I've not figured it out yet. As for the game, let's see if I can get it to do it again. Okay, so I'm not sure what kicks it off exactly but this time it happened when in the barracks I moved one char out of my party and brought in another to take the Dark Mantle from their inventory. I put it into the stash. I closed the inventory, and put the characters back as they were. I opened inventory and the stash again, and then tried to put the dark mantle on the character, in the slot they had a hip flask already, and the game crashed. Doing it again, the same thing happened.

Oh and I have a bug where sometimes abilities disappear from my tool bar or clone themselves multiple times onto it. Removing the class and putting it back sometimes fixes it, but not always and I can't really do that in a fight. The good news is I can use moves from the character screen, but it is rather annoying.

I wonder if it;s trying to augment items with items not designed for augmentation and that is causing it? Its still happening after the new update though. It went off again when I made a shield out of the shellworm plate then tried to put it in a slot with a shield in it. I think instead of swapping items in your hands, it;s trying to augment them with non augments and crashing,

I've been getting a bunch of crashes and now my autosaves are totally corrupted. guess I gotta head back and finish level 5 again, bleh. So it seems like the crashes are related to the inventory somehow in town. When I pick up an item and put it over it's slot in the inventory, sometimes it'll say can't place that item here. And if I do, I'm guess it knows it can but also thinks it cannot, has an aneurysm and then the game dies. If I wait a moment and it goes away it seems fine, but I don't think about it sometimes and down goes the game. It's the first time it's corrupted the autosaves though. At least I still have my actual save, even if I have to finish that mess again.

It's not mission based really, that's just the tutorial. Not everything in the first area is beaten easily. The fly is basically the first boss, and you can easily go around it. The Rotworms are very tough early on as well in numbers. I suggest doing a few runs through the first area awhile before trying to tackle the boss. And make sure to save often. Especially since the game still has some crash issues.

As for the classes, how it works is you can use the secondary classes skills, but you have the attribute bonuses and gain xp to your primary class only. Passives can be used by any character in any class once unlocked.