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I've actually never augmented anything yet. I should probably mess around with it at some point but I've not figured it out yet. As for the game, let's see if I can get it to do it again. Okay, so I'm not sure what kicks it off exactly but this time it happened when in the barracks I moved one char out of my party and brought in another to take the Dark Mantle from their inventory. I put it into the stash. I closed the inventory, and put the characters back as they were. I opened inventory and the stash again, and then tried to put the dark mantle on the character, in the slot they had a hip flask already, and the game crashed. Doing it again, the same thing happened.

Oh and I have a bug where sometimes abilities disappear from my tool bar or clone themselves multiple times onto it. Removing the class and putting it back sometimes fixes it, but not always and I can't really do that in a fight. The good news is I can use moves from the character screen, but it is rather annoying.

I wonder if it;s trying to augment items with items not designed for augmentation and that is causing it? Its still happening after the new update though. It went off again when I made a shield out of the shellworm plate then tried to put it in a slot with a shield in it. I think instead of swapping items in your hands, it;s trying to augment them with non augments and crashing,