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Really, you think you could go on forever? That's super impressive. Were you playing with colorblind mode?

The speed that the blocks drop does increase, but the time to send a piece remains constant at 6 seconds, and I was actually planning on bumping that up for a post jam version.

Maybe I was just lucky, I wanted to try again just now, but whether I set Colorblind Mode to true or false, I always get white blocks, weird... 

I swear it was working fine when I played it just now. I played with color restrictions and felt the Tetris AI was near invincible. I didn't have to watch which block went where, I could just keep dropping them in and they would find a spot for it and score some lines. 

Ah, yes, if the blocks were all white it removes a big restriction on piece placement.

The AI is meant to be smart, but not perfect. It will always do a clear if it can, and try to avoid holes.