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Seconded! I'm willing to wait as long as it takes, as long as I know that everyone on the team is whole and hale! That's what's most important.


The programmer, Minyan, posted this on April 22, into the post of the game on lemmasoft forums: "Quick update, Agashi is just about done with the full script! Once the proofreader is done I'll get it programmed ASAP. Also, the font was changed, so no worries about that! So happy you guys seem to be enjoying the demo, I know I like programming this mostly because I get to read it all before the masses >w<" (

I hope this means that we'll not have to wait a loooot more :D And yep! I hope too that everyone on the team is okay! :3


Good catch on the update! I was only checking the This, My Soul tumblr. Should have thought to check the forums again.


Everyone on the team is doing well, you guys. Sorry it's been radio silence here from me for a while... I wanted to make sure we were fairly close to being DONE before posting and getting people's hopes up. I can now say with 98% certainty that the finished game should be up this Friday (Apr. 28th). ^^

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm, everyone!


Hi, Agashi! Good to know that everyone is okay! We understand the radio silence, and I'm really happy with the news!

I thank YOU for making a game that it's about everything I want about androids :3


Huzzah! I guess that means I should stop reloading the page every half hour while I'm home and wait patiently until Friday.

.... yeah, that isn't going to happen. *reloads*


Same here. It's so far gone from 'habit' to 'compulsion' that at this rate I'll still be refreshing even after the game is released. Just a Pavlovian response because the muscle memory of my index finger doesn't know any differently.

Glad to know I'm not alone on "and the reloads keeps" xD


Thanks so much for replying! I'm glad it's going well and everyone on the team is alright!

@Erudessa I can't believe I didn't check the BLOG i kept checking the TUMBLR and here! Great catch thanks!

Happy to help, Mikko! :D