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Their patron seems to have a more up to date demo link?

i know totes i guess its cause both sides of my family are like opposites that reject me (like i'm buddhist but half my family tells me i'm going to hell, cultural rejection? My asian side won't even talk to me.) Your  writing made me THINK which is like the best kind of writing. Thank you!

Soo good. I check for updates regularly! Can't wait. The amount of customization is crazy.❤

I cant get a good end im stuck in a loop lol help

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This game is amazing, but it makes me want to scream. F*ck the MCs mom. Maybe its because im mixed and one side is racist but it's definitely a trigger. That said, its still awesome. Try it

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Anyone have a walkthrough on how to get elements at ceremony? Like suns blessing? Stuck..Like so frustrated i quit playing until someone helps

Is there a web browser playable full ruben route ? Bought the game but can't access on my device...

Did u also hide assassination from the nobility?

My bad thanks! Youre story is so addictive! Youre a great writer :D

Me too! What. R. We. Missing? Did u send the prisoners away or keep them in the dungeon? It's killing me!

Love the update! Is there a walkthrough on prioritizing the public

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O.M.G. Im legit stoked and eagerly await each update! Great job this rewrite is amazing and adds more depth to the story & added like everything i thought would be rly nice to have :)

I found a.glitch in customizing the MCs heterochromatic eye color. No matter theick, the profile still describes them as the default dark blue and black...

Ahhh ty! jw! Keep making your art it's great! Not done reading it yet but rly like it! Stay safe!

I really liked it but when i clicked to get my results all i got was an error page...

So the game is still in dev? like is this a rough full version?

it won't run on my PC app platform...just gives me like the launch page or something



Is there an ending where the protagonist adopts Erika?

mmm i can't find my steam key on the download page?


I'm..SO IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! My top concern when playing a game is being able to personalize my person and still have the characters accept me for who i am (unless I'm evil, muahahaha)

So this is not the same version that is currently available on the creators page now?

thank you! i just sent it, i dont know how to screen shot on this computer so i used my phone, i hope that's ok...

love the demo and just purchased the full game; but I keep getting an error and the game won't continue past the demo. I'm on windows, am I doing something wrong?

SO...EXCITED!!!! (eeeeee!)

Will we get to shape our protagonists' personality as well?

JW, any new content i maky have missed since it's been 4 yrs for me?

Love the edits!

so do we get to influence Max's personality or only approval points? jw!

Do we have any control over the MC'S personality?

jw do we get to affect the MC's personality at all?

keeps crashing when i wear certain clothes somewhere before ch3...

ahh just got it my bad! thank youuu 

i love this game! Keep it up it's awesome!

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Hi i bought the gold version that i think comes with a guide for ch.1 and 2 but i only paid $3 so did the guide cost extra? How do I buy just the guide if that is so? I can't find it even after i downloaded the game on my desktop app and just to my pc help?

Oh I'm sorry! I'm such a ditz. Thanks for answering all these you're awesome and i really love this game (and im super picky)! You're awesome and kind for being so interactive with readers. Please keep writing!

Do u know if n e one  knows n e  posted hints on how to win characters (Arantis) over? I guess I'm naturally too nice or something heh...

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totally got it! TY! but now i cant get arantis as the innocent girl im embarressed lol

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love it so far! anyone else having trouble getting arantis ? Or getting Osario while still being friends w/ arantis (Both as the sweet, moral persona)?

ty i just felt awful about it lol