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Do we have any control over the MC'S personality?

jw do we get to affect the MC's personality at all?

keeps crashing when i wear certain clothes somewhere before ch3...

ahh just got it my bad! thank youuu 

i love this game! Keep it up it's awesome!

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Hi i bought the gold version that i think comes with a guide for ch.1 and 2 but i only paid $3 so did the guide cost extra? How do I buy just the guide if that is so? I can't find it even after i downloaded the game on my itch.io desktop app and just to my pc help?

Oh I'm sorry! I'm such a ditz. Thanks for answering all these you're awesome and i really love this game (and im super picky)! You're awesome and kind for being so interactive with readers. Please keep writing!

Do u know if n e one  knows n e  posted hints on how to win characters (Arantis) over? I guess I'm naturally too nice or something heh...

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totally got it! TY! but now i cant get arantis as the innocent girl im embarressed lol

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love it so far! anyone else having trouble getting arantis ? Or getting Osario while still being friends w/ arantis (Both as the sweet, moral persona)?

ty i just felt awful about it lol

n e one get xander on their side w/o leading him on a bit?


Is there a guide for all endings? I got the romances but jw...

YAY!!!!! EXTRA EXCITED NOW! (>.<) ty!

Ahh i thought i was just dumb lol!

TY sorry to keep bothering u!

Take your time we're all just excited thats all, you're doing great!

TY! But umm i got a 404 saying it got deleted...

Oh no...it won't run on my computer and I MUST know what happens next w/ Neil! The agony! (jk)

Ah! I see! i didn't know the total number of chapters he was supposed to have! Thank you so much for answering! Didn't mean to rush you (^^")

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but does Beta 1.0 include the ending for Neil?

I love the game by the way, though I haven't tried this Beta yet. Can't wait for more updates! I'm gana play this Beta once I submit the post!

Whooooooah that's trippy! Also sucky :/

Thanks so much for replying! I'm glad it's going well and everyone on the team is alright!

@Erudessa I can't believe I didn't check the BLOG i kept checking the TUMBLR and here! Great catch thanks!

I don't mean to pester, or in any way rush you, but I was wondering if you know the general release date, not necessarily like a specific day? Say within six weeks? Just helps us fans hold onto something. Hope everything is alright!

Aw well good luck! I'll keep checking back! ty for answering (>.<)

so this is only GxG and there is only one RO?

is there a demo

Yeah totally take your time! We're all just super excited sorry! Don't mean to be impatient we just love ur VNs lol


Is the story finished? I haven't downloaded yet because I have limited memory and was jw...

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I think they're attending to family matters and will let us know from their dev. blog when they're back? Although I believe last they posted they would still release Bahadour sometime this month even with the delays

EEEE! 4 more days!


Do we have any control over the characters personality/attitude or is it all route-based choices? JW

JW is the attitude of the MC customizable?

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In the demo you only play as the female character, will we get a choice or do we play both the whole game?


Just finished 3.3 release and i love it so far, awesome job! One of my new favorite VNs (>.<)

Patience is a virtue right?

Appreciate all your hard work! Thanks for replying! Can't wait for the steam release (^^)

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I bought the game but without / before you released DLC, can I buy it alone or do i have to pay for the whole game again too?