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Wonderful work, especially for a game made so quickly! I only wish it was longer so we could learn more about Silas and his creator and what happens to everyone in the end, but then, a little mystery is the spice of life - and games too.

I can see it now: "I swear, professor, I meant to study, but there was this sexy robot in a spaceship..."

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Nice to see you've got your priorities straight! ;P

And so another Friday night of waiting and hoping and clicking begins...

Man, I don't dare play the Queen's Crown demo. Romance, adventure, influenced by my favorite old school RPGs... I think it's best for my mental health if I just forget the thing exists until I see an announcement somewhere that it's been released.

Huzzah! I guess that means I should stop reloading the page every half hour while I'm home and wait patiently until Friday.

.... yeah, that isn't going to happen. *reloads*

There's already a thread in the lemmasoft forums:

I hear you. I played the demo on Sunday. Unfortunately, even if the game is released tonight, I won't have time to play it until Friday, so my agony of suspense will continue at least until then...

I've been waiting eagerly for this game too, but I hope you don't feel like you have to rush - especially on the romance route! I want to experience sexy Silas in all his carefully wrought glory ;)