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The first gameplay, at least for me, is the sweetest, is the one were I'm just discovering everything with fresh eyes and the LI choose usually is the one to impact me more, doesn't matter the game xD

In the end I choose Dara because... All the blushing regarding pleasure houses? Just GOLD. Also... I was roleplaying a shy crown and the interactions were just WONDERFUL, D going all "I'LL PROTECT YOU!" and then all flustered because "I MEAN, UHM..." and... My heart couldn't resist. It was a close competition with Azad, because oh, how I love mysterious aesthetic but secretly soft and kind.

Also, I made a shy and assertive Crown to romance Xelef and it was terrible funny, I couldn't stop laughing and blushing along.

I need to do Rêzan's now, but I'm still deciding on the character I'll make for Rêzan lol

Anyway. I deeply love this game <3

I just started the chapter 3 and I'm just like "WHO DO I CHOOSE?????" already because they are all so marvelous... T_T Really, I already love all of the LIs, they are amazing, THE BANTER IS JUST GOLD, my sappy heart can't take all of this, it is already sighing and dreaming without control and jumping from one to another at every moment. Who to choose first? Dara? Azad? Rêzan? Xelef? Who knows, certainly not me xD


So... After some three days binge playing this, I just finished and I'm just like AAAAAAAAH

First things first, I found Superstition here on accident, a recommendation because of Scout An Apocalypse Story, and oh how happy am I to found it. Specially because I have this impression that I found the demo of the first season some years ago on Choice of Games (I don't know when exactly, but... I have this impression) and I remember really liking but my bad memory just made it slip my mind.

But now... Oh man. If I didn't had so many of college pilling up now, I would play another character and try to follow a slightly different path (aka a different romance lol), because this is SO GOOD. Mainly, I would do Zillah's path, because while he was damn insufferable while inside MC's head, he kind of gets slightly better when outside and it really made me curious. Yet, well... Rahim has my heart. Main romance, no doubt. AND I WANT MORE HUGS!!!! (also, I loved how you worked with Bradley and what he went through. Very... Real)

Also, the end of the second season... I was just like I WAS RIGHT, YEAH!

I don't know if there is some way to hide spoilers here, so, anyone that didn't finished season 2 yet, STOP READING!

All right, I can't pinpoint when exactly, but I was having suspicions that MC was something death related for some long time. Mainly because hybrids of angels and demons were really mentioned, and reapers, while pointed as Big League, not so much, so, they don't know what MC is plus no one talks about reaper hybrid, despite being Big, something there...

And then the clue relating to Azrael's wings and the second dream with the crows. The tree was dropping the same kind of thing that his wings. And also, when Sydero talks who she is to be vessel to Luci and how all of us are to be vessels and just... "Well, demon girl, angel guy, just missing the third big league, reapers" (also, I think it makes sense that a body made to receive something death-related would have problems with keeping itself whole. Life and death warring against each other)

I loved how you worked all of it into the narrative, I loved fitting the pieces so so much!!!! I really loved what I read so far and I can barely wait for season 3!

Amazing work and one of my best readings ever! <3

I was just like "wait, where is the rest???" when I reached the point we receive the letter to meet the Adrien guy and really, I can't wait for the rest of the story, this is amazing <3 Siruud is a captivating character in so many ways! <3 (also... I was just "AAAAAH sweet"with how he offered some mild spell to make the club more comfortable for someone who doesn't like it. Just... Damn, Siruud, sometimes you are a jerk, but then you act like this and I just can't resist xD)

BTW, Maureen is a dear, really, loved her <3

Great work! <3

I loved the game, Metatton is like "oh my", and Blooky, and Diana <3 I really loved the characters, and the development of the game is really cool!

But... I don't know how many times I tried the game and I STILL DIDN'T GET THE ROMANCE ENDING. Well... Frustration because always the "here's your raise". I KISSED YOU, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! lol

Also, part of me is like "Oh, well, now you know why you're alone, you're unnable to say the right things EVEN WHEN IT'S OBVIOUS THE GUY LIKES YOU/THE CHARACTER" lol Negative social skills, that's me :D

I'll try again later, when I stop grumbling like a old woman :P

Just finished, and I'm here "Oh, I want to see these two after all of this..." in the romance ending. I mean, Silas SHOULD be decomissioned... I'm almost certain that Silas and the character would have to run lol

But really. I loved it! Great game! <3

I understand you, Konoi... Here it's 11:45pm, and I have to get up at 6:30 am...

But it's good to know that I'll be able to play once I arrive home tomorrow :D

I'm trying, but, God, it's difficult to focus xD

I have classes and tests tomorrow morning. Am I studying? No, I'm here with all of you :P

Happy to help, Mikko! :D

Glad to know I'm not alone on "and the reloads keeps" xD

Hi, Agashi! Good to know that everyone is okay! We understand the radio silence, and I'm really happy with the news!

I thank YOU for making a game that it's about everything I want about androids :3

The programmer, Minyan, posted this on April 22, into the post of the game on lemmasoft forums: "Quick update, Agashi is just about done with the full script! Once the proofreader is done I'll get it programmed ASAP. Also, the font was changed, so no worries about that! So happy you guys seem to be enjoying the demo, I know I like programming this mostly because I get to read it all before the masses >w<" (

I hope this means that we'll not have to wait a loooot more :D And yep! I hope too that everyone on the team is okay! :3

They meant a forum for "VN Addicts Anonymous", I believe, and not for the game :P

I played the demo last week. I didn't know it was a demo, because I hadn't read THIS part... I'm agonizing since then T-T

You just described me xD

I'm like "F5... *2 hours* F5.... *2 hours* F5..." since yesterday lol

The wait is killing all of us T-T

Oh, my heart T_T

All right, I'm okay. *deep breath* I really understand you. I'll wait patiently for the game. Many thanks for letting us know about the delay :)

I'm with you, ShadowLamb xD I can barely describe how anxious I'm for the complete game T_T

I made all the routes in 2 days (I'm the kind of person who becames obsessed with any game until I finish it xD). I definitely loved Waltz route (it was maddening doing in the order suggested, because I wanted him since the beginning xD) the best for me, and Karma and Fritz were so lovely too <3 All the script is amazing! The fantasy part and the romance part, so well written and intertwined! All the characters, so real! I just didn't did the bad endings yet because... Well, I really hate bad endings. I don't want to see them sad T_T

You destroyed me a lot of times with the deaths, but I really, really loved all the game! The way the Fairytales were twisted in each curse was amazing! If there was a way for me to donate, I would - living in Brazil, I really don't know if there is a way, at least for now :( I don't know how the itch system for donnation works, what supports, and I'm really paranoid with internet + money n.n'

I hope for more games like this <3

Yes! Well said, their personality usually it's more set; gladly it's not the case with The Lady's Choice, you really made a good job in making the MC personality's more open. And I'm glad you liked my comment :3

I just finished Amesbury's route, and I must say that I loved it too! Sometimes I just laughed a lot when the Swindler appeared and when the MC received his gifts (and I laughed so much that I almost fell of my chair when the MC recovered her hat. Seriously, the way the scene unrolled... Perfect!), and in general, the way the route goes is lovely! I also enjoyed Montfort, he is such a good character! And... Well, Arabella and Ernest being the two lovebirds we love! (Sometimes I cheer more for them then for the MC xD)

And the CGs... OK, all right, I loved everything, I admit xD

I played this one when you launched it. I remember that I loved it, especially because I could make the character act a lot like someone brave and strong, something that I particularly find difficult to find in a visual novel (perhaps I'm looking at the wrong places); a lot of times the protagonist just seem too coward or too weak or both in my view, and there isn't a way of making her act less like these, she just is and that's it. I never felt this with The Lady's Choice; I could make the protagonist talk back and be brave. This ray of possibilities it's what I loved most.

But, well, after I played Blake and Stanton, I was like crazy trying to discover what in hell I had made wrong that I wasn't able to make Amesbury's route. Then I read, on lemmasoft, I think, that it wasn't made and I was "oh, no" and very sad and like "I DIDN'T PLAYED IT ALL" (sometimes I hate being a completionist xD). When you said that you would made the route for December, flowers blossomed in my head! I loved the news! And then, after months, I just recently replayed Stanton and Blake and falled in love with them and with the choices that I can make all over again and while I'm going crazy waiting for Amesbury's route (I literally look here every day), I finally created courage to say that I loved the visual novel.

I can barely wait for Amesbury and for more visual novels made by you :3