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So... After some three days binge playing this, I just finished and I'm just like AAAAAAAAH

First things first, I found Superstition here on accident, a recommendation because of Scout An Apocalypse Story, and oh how happy am I to found it. Specially because I have this impression that I found the demo of the first season some years ago on Choice of Games (I don't know when exactly, but... I have this impression) and I remember really liking but my bad memory just made it slip my mind.

But now... Oh man. If I didn't had so many of college pilling up now, I would play another character and try to follow a slightly different path (aka a different romance lol), because this is SO GOOD. Mainly, I would do Zillah's path, because while he was damn insufferable while inside MC's head, he kind of gets slightly better when outside and it really made me curious. Yet, well... Rahim has my heart. Main romance, no doubt. AND I WANT MORE HUGS!!!! (also, I loved how you worked with Bradley and what he went through. Very... Real)

Also, the end of the second season... I was just like I WAS RIGHT, YEAH!

I don't know if there is some way to hide spoilers here, so, anyone that didn't finished season 2 yet, STOP READING!

All right, I can't pinpoint when exactly, but I was having suspicions that MC was something death related for some long time. Mainly because hybrids of angels and demons were really mentioned, and reapers, while pointed as Big League, not so much, so, they don't know what MC is plus no one talks about reaper hybrid, despite being Big, something there...

And then the clue relating to Azrael's wings and the second dream with the crows. The tree was dropping the same kind of thing that his wings. And also, when Sydero talks who she is to be vessel to Luci and how all of us are to be vessels and just... "Well, demon girl, angel guy, just missing the third big league, reapers" (also, I think it makes sense that a body made to receive something death-related would have problems with keeping itself whole. Life and death warring against each other)

I loved how you worked all of it into the narrative, I loved fitting the pieces so so much!!!! I really loved what I read so far and I can barely wait for season 3!

Amazing work and one of my best readings ever! <3