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This was worth the wait! Especially given the time constraint, it's impressive what the team has pulled together. I agree with those who wish it was longer, but that's the magic of good VNs: you always wish they were longer.

I always thought sleep was overrated!

But hey, at least we're all here together!

Took the words right out of my mouth (or, typing, so ... fingertips?).

Same here. It's so far gone from 'habit' to 'compulsion' that at this rate I'll still be refreshing even after the game is released. Just a Pavlovian response because the muscle memory of my index finger doesn't know any differently.

Good catch on the update! I was only checking the This, My Soul tumblr. Should have thought to check the forums again.

Seconded! I'm willing to wait as long as it takes, as long as I know that everyone on the team is whole and hale! That's what's most important.

I should probably add that Agashi & company should in no way feel obligated to do anything differently on account of my obsessive whining. I have pillows I can scream into, it's fine. Take my ravings as an eccentric compliment and carry on exactly as you are.

How many members do we need before we could reasonably form a support group? XD 'VN Addicts Anonymous', anyone?

I just played the demo. Do not succumb. I am now sitting here in front my computer silently screaming. I just made the wait so much worse for myself. So much worse. I no longer know the difference between excitement and agony.

Mentally, I understand: you want to put out the best game you can and, also, people have lives. Real ones, outside of the stories they tell, that require attention and no small amount of responsibility.

Emotionally, I'm a screaming banshee of greed and impatience.

I'm doing the same thing, and the wait is killing me! I'm my own worst enemy at times like this ....