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Is there a way to run the MacOS version in a windowed mode?  I've tried editing the acsetup.cfg file but the windowed=1 setting appears to be ignored.

I'm not sure, I'll check with my mac guru and see what he says.

Also, Linux installation misses necessary libpng in its libraries. I've copied it from Heroine's Quest, works fine, but some players may have difficulties.

Otherwise, it's awesome, thank you!

thanks, I will try  to add that to it, I appreciate it!

Looks like it's still missing unfortunately.

If you hold the mouse cursor near the top of the screen for a few seconds, you will see the window bar appear, then tap on the green button, which will put the game into windowed mode.  

I don't see that when I run the game.  However the info from smokescreen did the trick.  Thank you for the help.

I also noticed that the window bar will appear when using macOS Mojave, but this did not seem to work for me with macOS Catalina.

You can  change to window mode with windowed=1 on the acsetup.cfg file, but the one in "~/Library/Application Support/Space Quest ][ Remake v2.0 [beta]", not the one inside the application itself.

OMG!  Thank you for this info!

Awesome, hint!  The Windows version comes with a winsetup.exe program.  Does anyone know if there is a similar Mac app?  If not, I'd consider writing a little app which can be used to help configure the settings for Mac versions of games created with the Adventure Game Studio.