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Well, for me it was  the soundtrack of The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor. ^_^

I have yet to see a free game with the same level of storytelling as this one! Can't wait for the conclusion.

By the way, I can't pay for it getting 

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I love Joy Division and Skeletal Family, but never heard of New Model Army. Now this unfortunate omission is fixed, thanks to this awesome game!

By the way, I've somehow finished it with 415 out of 410 points (Z5 in Lectrote).

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Congratulations! Thanks to everyone involved for the great adventuring holidays, it was a real treat!

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Thanks a lot!

I'm very fond of later LK Avalon's adventure games, but couldn't play this one because of lack of Polish language knowledge.

Waiting eagerly for Klątwa remake as well!

Maybe it means installation via Itch application? For instance, I always play Itch games this way, and they're really downloaded on my PC, even if they're HTML5. 

I've read everything Gord had to say and I liked it. :p

Also, Linux installation misses necessary libpng in its libraries. I've copied it from Heroine's Quest, works fine, but some players may have difficulties.

Otherwise, it's awesome, thank you!

Finished the game in five evenings and about ten in-game years. Thank you for an awesome journey! Now into A Madness...