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I'm wondering if there will be more water sports as I've noticed the option to piss/be pissed on has vanished in the 0.14 build, there is also a error when obtaining the Stick weapon when starting a new game in this build.

Hoping to eventually see a Scar foot and armpit fetish scene like with Harold. (I'm filthy I know) :')

lol I'm pretty sure your good plus since the bandits are ya know them there prolly will be a scene like that involving them or at least certain parts of you either do the bitch for the thugs quest or ignore them for too long after doing that quest, in one side they might be kinkier and do the things you said while your doing the quest or in the other they may hunt you down to do those things.

The Feral Wolf in either of the forest areas do that if you submit to him without raising his lust bar high enough for him to do the sex scene with you.

The option shouldn't vanish. There were some changes in the code, because it wasn't working as intended, so you may have to repeat the steps once again. 

Also the bug with the stick... eh, there's that thing where certain stuff updates only after you save/load the game. After that it should be working (New improvements at home should be visible, also no more error with the stick)

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For water sport, or for piss, when Arion beats you in combat he pisses on you, and if you submit after having excited him, you little asked him to do it. If you beat him in battle, it's up to you to piss on him.


I've always categorised piss-play into 3 forms with pissing on being one, drinking it being number 2 and pissing up the butt (as I'm gay) being number 3. I personally love number 2, and try it on every occasion I can that feels good/comfortable for me.

I've always found pissing on to be the most boring of them all, even more boring than other fetishes... But all in all, if possible - adding in all 3 forms would be fantastic.

If you wanted help with the writing/scenario structuring I'd be good to help out, but as this has been the only game I've come across where piss has been accepted... I'd love to help you out.