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Had a fight with the rat again, it didn't have any progress text (highlighted) at the bottom of the 'combat phase'. So it was just stuck there, with neither losing or winning.

Hey guys, dev.  You really seemed to be receptive to comments & ideas, so thought I'd lay them out a bit for you... maybe with some context for each. But first, just a few quick things I love about the game so far:
- The Variety of all of the Characters... doesn't matter if they follow tropes, they're a variety in and of themselves.
- The different avenues the interactions take (including the sex) with different characters - largely because of the above (the variety).
- The images almost all line up perfectly with what's going on, but even when they don't they are only off by a little but & don't take away from the scenes.

Ideas/Personal Likes that Might Work:
- Ability to decide more on being bottom or top or vers & have a bit more decision to keep the MF/FF, etc. on the outside... keep it implied, but allow us to skip or manoeuvre away from it without taking away our ability to pleasure the men who need good blowjobs. -- To add to this, your relationship with Horcliff/H.C. is maybe set in stone in your head, maybe he can recognise you as a bottom or top or vers & maybe senses your desires as time progresses - i.e. do you top or bottom, etc.
- Plenty of additional things could be added to vary some of the Multi-paths even further... for instance my dick hurts from jerking it to the Newest 'Twins Scene', being the throat- & fuck-bitch for Eric. But if I could have decided to take the 'Towel-Hit', but get J.T. to leave before the action really starts I think I would have ripped my cock off instead.
- I'll add more in an edit... for now I'd like to save this & hear some feedback. Don't have enough time to finish - which really sucks if that means not enough time for jerking off! :)

Thank you very much for the reply. I wouldn't want anything to get out of hand in terms of the effort needed... but the whole scenario where you've created a nice customisable game feels like it could fit something like M/M into it nicely. Or maybe we'll make some 'seahorse' like species situation in the future!

Cheers (:)=)

This is purely heterosexual then?
I had gay written in my search, but it must have knocked that out.
If we were to be creating species, could you make it so that m/m could create new units/citisens, etc?

The progression alongside the base concept looks & sounds fantastic so far. So it could be a great game without that aspect to it, but it would be nice for one producer to finally bridge the gap & make it not so strictly m/f.

Are you guys interested in alternate styled NSFW (fetish mainly) stuff. I can also do writing for non-NSFW scenes too given context of course. Or am willing to build up 'scenes/context' from the ground up if needs be.
I'm largely looking for another outlet for combining my writing & creativity with my often - outside the box/norm, brain on sex stimulating chemicals.
Most people like my types of nasty humour as much as my depraved sexual inclinations, so depending how far you're thinking of taking these scenes. I'd absolutely be interesting in contributing & helping/learning more & joining.

Well you still get 'items' when you get the enemy aroused and then lose. That's usually what I end up doing that way enemies become positive to you too

But that's where preparation comes in handy... to suggest 'Only Human' up to this point is never immersive breaking. There are other alternatives, but yes... all in all everything assumes you're human as of now & the longer it stays that way, the less important & the more cumbersome this potential content becoems

If you submit it seems to bring you to the same end as drinking the potions, but you just end up rereading texts a lot. When it comes to the fights though, usually 'winning = top' & 'losing = bottom'.

Because there is a crafting basis to some of this game already... I suspect it's just a matter of time before transformations are possible.

I am someone who loves to remain human in games - grow bigger or smaller, or get additions to my body, etc. So this game has tickled my fancy for over a year now. But I know how it feels when you can't get what you like... because other games which force you to be a different species or a generalised lizard in all artwork or something put me off of them quite quickly.

Customisation is key & I wonder if Hyao reads this... maybe he should have a community List where we set up which ingredients are needed to do transformations... just help flesh out the potential generalised anthropomorphised Lizards, Bears, Horse-men or Centaurs, etc. It might cause some problems with quests such as those into the city if we allow orcs, but maybe we keep it non-orc until the quests are done.

Does the browser version have all of the same stuff as the downloadable. Because, on two playthroughs now I get nowhere... like it's just day after day of the same stuff,

(1 edit)

it must be because my keyboard is in Swedish.
I can only use space for 'step by step' progression... Control just hides the ledger at the bottom.

But thanks I'll try something else, maybe change my language back & forth.

I also don't see a fast forward button anywhere.

There are few games using this U.I. How do you progress more quickly, without choosing options you don't want to hit?

I've tried using the drinks after breaking a mouse clicking... they don't work at the begging, in the middle, nor at the end (I assume the fore-most doesn't do anything as they 'heal' you).

I'm Canadian actually. But I was thinking Discord would be best too. Also you can kind of find me almost anywhere (in most any game) as 'Cronkonium'. It comes from making my last name (which is the anglicised version of Krankheid auf Nederlandish und Krankheit auf Deutsch), into an element of the periodic table. :)

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These were public builds that lagged behind the Patreon versions. But since Steam does have an 'Adults' section, the creatours put the game on there... they still have it on Steam... and this public version isn't being updated any longer. So we have to pay for it for more content basically.

Also as a fellow gay-guy (gay lover) - not as furry loving as you though it seems, was wondering if you wanted to chat more... share games you've found or visual novelles that you've liked.

It also said you speak German on your account. And I only learned it at University & when I lived in Duesseldorf for a few months. Whether you'd be into conversing auf Deutsch or just in English at all. :)

Better, but in shorter supply no? Or at least as of the last of the public patches there were fewer.

Hey can't remember if I mentioned this... but could we get different choices when it comes to which scene we'd like to use. Just in situations where we might have the choice?

I was thinking of after some brawling with Arion for example & you can start having sex with him. Perhaps if you lose you can ask to do other things. EITHER instead of get pissed on, drink it instead. Or have sex & maybe have it flood up the butt.

There could be things too with previous enemies that could be changed once they start liking you enough. Maybe something like you 'Beg the Bandits' or 'Allure the Lizardmen/women' if you have enough stats for that even though you had lost. EVEN if it's just slightly different flavour text, it could add so much without even being forced to make SO many new enemies & events.

It could also give time for even more artwork to come out or special scenes like in the Mines under Bareshade for instance.

Go look up Seeds of Chaos, they're the greedy ones. And they're 'Straighters' nearly all the way through.

They have some good aspects, but were poor on updates & pushed a patchwork game to be sold on Steam & perhaps other platforms.

This here, is a monthly to 1 & a half monthly updated game with a lag of only 1 update for patreon supporters to free/public players. For the Straight & Gay stuff read the other comment... most of the time a straight game NEVER gets any gay content, so the little that's in here is alright for now.

But maybe message the creatour through his email and ask to help create some new scenes & characters. Maybe small 'STARTS' on behalf of people like you, will allow him to work on those characters/enemies laters. I know as a gay guy, I already have a difficult time in thinking on what people would genuinely want in Heterosexual fun (as in the progression of the act). I do still watch parts of straight porn for the nice looking cocks.

I'd kind of like a patch that just changes the Princess into a Prince... or well starts us off as a dude. I mean something simple... a new sprite of a handsome dude getting pounded plus some quick avatars/pics of him. That's my thing.

The text is there mainly to help increase my skill in reading.

I've always categorised piss-play into 3 forms with pissing on being one, drinking it being number 2 and pissing up the butt (as I'm gay) being number 3. I personally love number 2, and try it on every occasion I can that feels good/comfortable for me.

I've always found pissing on to be the most boring of them all, even more boring than other fetishes... But all in all, if possible - adding in all 3 forms would be fantastic.

If you wanted help with the writing/scenario structuring I'd be good to help out, but as this has been the only game I've come across where piss has been accepted... I'd love to help you out.

How do you get group sex scene?

I've tried again & again and nothing gets me there.