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I'd kind of like a patch that just changes the Princess into a Prince... or well starts us off as a dude. I mean something simple... a new sprite of a handsome dude getting pounded plus some quick avatars/pics of him. That's my thing.

The text is there mainly to help increase my skill in reading.

I've always categorised piss-play into 3 forms with pissing on being one, drinking it being number 2 and pissing up the butt (as I'm gay) being number 3. I personally love number 2, and try it on every occasion I can that feels good/comfortable for me.

I've always found pissing on to be the most boring of them all, even more boring than other fetishes... But all in all, if possible - adding in all 3 forms would be fantastic.

If you wanted help with the writing/scenario structuring I'd be good to help out, but as this has been the only game I've come across where piss has been accepted... I'd love to help you out.

How do you get group sex scene?

I've tried again & again and nothing gets me there.