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Yeah the quest let's you find the place.

No logan on his corrupted route won't have a romantic route. You have to have deterred him from going to the camp. And you get his first heart by "curing" him from his lycanthropy. 

God why is this so relatable to me when I started.

Not wrong. Also the submission scene changes if you have both the werewolves still alive with the alpha when losing, or both gone.

There are a ton of events in 0.28, but could be more specific? Certain small things could be included as events. do you mean big events or like everything including the small things. Both are a list that are pretty big but like one just absolutely longer.



Oki so the benefits of multiple relationships is just special events for the characters for now, and the corrupted vs normal routes you don't get to have the character fall in love with you if you chose the corrupted route. Logan doesn't gain hearts and only wants to screw around. With Roushk and Rhot the corrupted route Roushk is insane and Rhot is fighting it and you with everything he's got. Then the crossover characters is not very likely as I think it was a one time thing, but maybe because like half of every person who played this has asked about another crossover I think it's got a possibility. Not a big one but maybe. Then the guide does need to be updated due to it being a bit out dated, I was working on posting a every event guide but Jesus Christ that took like half an hour to write around 20 events and that barely scratched the surface..... 

oh np have a good day.

.....I never knew that was there and feel very dumb now. Thanks for telling me XD

He prolly has, he just doesn't usually have time to respond to every question so he doesn't. This has grown a lot since he first started lol.

Nah when you build the animals thing a horse symbol appears in the crafting area and allows you to select animals, select the dog and feed it. That increases it's like and the more like the it will be able to learn. You can feed it meat.

Yeah, pretty much.

If you want more of him he's actually a crossover character from a game called tavern of spears! It's also on itch as well!

ah ok, what do you mean by did the orc tribe activate, did you mean is the story progressed further than the meeting between korg and Everett? If that's it no atm that's the farthest northcrest and the orcs story goes.

Wait wat

For mobile it happens whenever the fan can and has time, it could be at the end of the month or the day of the update. Depends if them and we can't really force or do anything because he's doing it for free cause he likes the game. (I think he might be doing it for practice on switching platforms of games too but like idk completely)

Which guide?

Oh dam thinking about that sounds awesome! Like we either build or discover tunnels that connect to the other areas under or outside the house! And maybe with certain characters we could have events where they stumble in and need help out XD

Is this a question? If so please explain.

uh each cg?.... I'll try...

i was ok without nsfw but the end comment of "delete the game" made me click the links. then i felt dumb as fuck.

......yea your gonna be happy next month if your on public version.

oh damn sorry, i hope you can fix it soon! and same... formal aint my forte XD

It came out on patreon, the public version will be updated next month because the patreon had to wait a month extra before this.

I'm mainly hinting at his "discount scene" if you have that you already got it, if not it just needs you to show him glafire stone.

lol ikr the game suggests 5 but 10 is overkill, which is my style XD

who said you cant already :)

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He's hiding it in game :3

I usually do 10 and that works for me.

Atm logan doesn't have many events excluding his fair date and then pretty much only corrupted logan has other events.... So it might be your just caught up.

np have a good day!

Do you mean the end door? The one at the end of the dungeon? If so I reached it and it's still a work in progress. It has yet to have stuff so it might not be a good idea. If I'm wrong please tell me though.

This game doesn't have music yet, the only audio in game is the rain and droplets during the nightmares events.

Yeah I don't think the thieves key does anything right now based on me going everywhere, and no one else mentioned finding it so I think it's a yet to be added thing. Also the more to the crystal thing, I'm a little unsure about what you mean could you explain a bit more? Plus you can't transfer saves cross platform without a cloud save and I don't think this game has that.

Yeah no music and the only audio in game is the rain and droplets during the nightmares.

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It should be coming in the 30th, or maybe the 29th. Also could be the 31st.... Just know it's coming at the end of this month

You unlock it by doing the inbetween worlds quest, if you already have and need to find it. It's in the swamp.

Oh also your fine asking questions about anything if your confused. It's normal and not everything is Crystal clear.

angel leaves are on the track, I think.