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not possible yet, the sprite was teased on Narram's twitter a while ago though so i know what you mean lol

works with ANY enemy. long as they can have like increased it works on then!

no, you find them at the lake of the ancients as a random enemy encounter.

He's the guy you meet when maintaining the farmstead road at night. game never directly tells you to go there so unless you seek him out you prolly haven't seen him yet.

when we continue the Mythshore storyline it will be, currently other stuff is being worked on i believe though.

it will, I don't know when but unless Hyao says "this character is being removed/discontinued in future updates" all current characters should get updates eventually. excluding event characters like Nauxus and Zack though.

you're not being a nuisance to anyone by asking for saves. I'm not able to share saves since i dont know how to but I've seen others do it so good luck.

stop calling everyone out lmao

go to jester, you can bribe them and or use the chat option of "give money to the bandits" or do his quest of bitch for the bandits, that one you can go do it yourself or offer the dude from the bar in bareshade.

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as Killian said the love potion is the opposite to the hate potion and increases enemy like. the love potion also allows for scenes with certain characters, some of them dislike you using it while others don't really care.

the ones that don't care are Feliar, Xer, Barrel, Blake (i believe he doesn't but might so I need to recheck him) and Harold if you don't rob him blind during the scene.

I'm pretty sure the only ones who are excluded from the "no dislike after the potion" are 2 people them being Bernard and Korg, Bernard likes you less after the potion is done and Korg completely fucking despises you after you use it because of his experience with Viccoria. 

Ikr? he writes better than most people I know who were born speaking it!

new update dropped, they live for certain lol.

hey uh i got some bad news, the mobile port is completely fan made. someone decided they wanted to make a mobile and ever since then they help Hyao by making the mobile versions, this person however is doing this as a way to help Hyao and he has a life outside that he can't stop to optimize the mobile version. 

do keep sharing any issues though since if not mentioned they will never be revealed then hopefully the person can see, and, in whatever time they can give to making the mobile version they hopefully can fix the issues. Autosave is a good idea tho.

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oh if you did the corrupted route im pretty sure it ends literally exactly after you get the gems and give them to the nameless. the corrupted path hasn't had an update in a while.

not rn

oh yeah! completely forgot Ste had a wife..... thank you for reminding me lol

Continuing off ghxstb3yond, the specifics are no lower than 25 and no higher than 50 in actual stats. sex experience when high is pure benefit and doesn't matter unless you're a virgin I believe.

I'm trying to think of a fourth person, but I can't who is the fourth? I know Logan is one and the others I can think of are Harold and Roushk, who is the fourth? also, yeah, his reaction does seem the most sensible since he always thought he was straight, anyone suddenly having a sexual awakening is going to deny it/repress it if they were in a straight relationship for long enough TO LITERALLY GET MARRIED it would be difficult to suddenly accept it.

no they don't. not yet at least.

I don't know where they are either but if you wanna finish it you can grind some money and pay for them.

also Xer is a guest writer.

yeah he deleted it a while back because of issues with i believe anxiety from social media. he also has a patreon though!

yeah but thats the start for getting those hearts

I was bored and unable to sleep so i wanted to come up with the most op powers being used in the stupidest ways or just funny ways, first one i came up with was stopping time so you could suck a dick without being caught and still also do it anywhere. 

another one will be the ability to change form at will and only using it to turn into like a 5-dollar bill and hiding in some hot dude's wallet and when he gets home turning into whatever that person is into and screwing around again

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nah its called Bonding in Othra's chat menu.

maybe, lets see what the future holds lol

Rhot isn't possible atm but Roushk you can get by doing the hang out event with him and Othra.

np, have fun!

i just decided to check something and wondered, will the ghost dick ever not be a wip?

your stats can't be all above 50 or below 25, a workaround is getting the exact amount of burnt cookies in the cheat menu to lower all your stats to 49 and to get the same number of regular cookies to use after and restore your original stats when your accepted in since the only stat check is in the interview.

everyone you named will get a romance route lol, it's just he's working on them at different times and can't add something every update for every character because it's WAY too many characters atm and he has the main story/main side stories to work on as well. 

also, Ste and Hayden are guest writer characters so Hyao can't add them in on his own, he needs the original writers for them to do it. 

no, you can't win the fight against him, its fixed as you play Groth instead of MC so your stats won't allow you to prevail. also, as I said it's the nameless scene, if Orcs like you enough it shows Khalagor and all the other red orcs pounding your brains out for a second. like he does with all the other things.

np, have fun with the knowledge!

THANK GOD! deadass got scared after the radio silence, maybe they pulled away after that whole apple thing happened? maybe it was a large amount of bad press and they had to back off? whatever happened im just glad they are alive.

spam insanity potions then do the slimes and save after/before every loss, when you finally actually get a bad end reload and leave the fight instead of submitting then do whatever other bad end you want.

I think they meant only off battles, and mainly for people who don't use the legit strats and just use crazy amounts of cookies from the cheat menu to max stats out. if they do mean in battles i agree that would be kinda broken, and by kinda i mean completely and absolutely destroying any form of difficulty ever by essentially making potions the most op thing in the game.

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Khalgor technically but it's not really him. just the nameless showing you your wildest dreams lmao Orgram has nothing whatsoever atm.

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little spoiler alert.

I don't believe she has any intentional involvement in the werewolf's infection and was just a slut at first but maybe she is also now a pawn of the person who is taking them? also, the mystery person doesn't have the ability to give commands to all the werewolves just the one he has under his control, the one that runs to him in our latest Logan event. however, I do believe he can control the swamp creatures due to the giant one that shows up, and maybe was planning to get ALL the werewolves that night using the big guy. 

(And what we currently know about Serena is literally only that she went kinda insane from getting fucked so good by beasts that she is just sitting in the werewolf cave getting fucked to this day. kinda like the MC bad ends but this one we see the aftereffects of what happened instead of having to reload a save. also, that she was unhappy in the marriage because she suddenly wanted a LOT more sex than Logan was able to provide. maybe the curse of lust somehow affected her as well since we know she went into the forest before she was having marital issues and might have drifted a little close to the corrupted swamp zone?)

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there isn't really a place for suggestions on this so I'm pretty sure it's fine to just say it in the comments.

also yeah that feels like it would fit for a sub top.