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oh you saved them at 64 and 60? I wonder what the minimum is then.... also I can tell you what happens if you don't save them. they literally just die. if Vicoria dies you go to her place and it has some dialog like "dam she's dead." and it's the same for Feliar according to the update notes, if she dies but Feliar lives he has some dialog about how he feels bad for his sister but knows it was necessary. no idea about Vicoria dialog if Feliar dies none of my saves have him lower than 70 lmao.

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ikr? originally I was just looking for some hot porn to read/play/watch on itch and stumbled across this and my life has never been the same XD. it's WAYYY too good!

and same! I literally love everyone and they all feel real, none of the dialog feels like it's weird or something a person wouldn't say in real life! and Hyao's first language isn't even english! the art is amazing and the characters look great, and the plot keeps me hooked so much I can't wait for the next month normally ever XD.

and Scar, YES. I and prolly like half the fan base have been waiting for Scar to have more stuff for like years now XD. and yeah, you are pretty normal about him. since it's normal to want him to destroy our holes because he's too fucking hot. this guy made it, sending this since I'm not certain where to find a way to listen to this games OST specifically, but you can search his name on youtube or spotify or something to see if you can find it.

the beginning event? which one do you mean?

for Feliar you can use a love potion on him. 

other than I only have something if your good using the cheat menu to make it less grindy. just grabbing every gift you need from the menu instead of actually having to grind them from the places they originally are from, and one in specific is really good for maxing like on Feliar, which is his rare coffee Vicoria stole. you can completely max him if you just grab like 20 of those from the cheat menu. you can get more than one in base game but cheating them doesn't limit the boost you get from it. 

no idea about other things for Vicoria though.


that was not at all what I was expecting to have been the problem but I'm glad to have helped!

never apologize for late responses, unless it's like 2 weeks later. your good lol. have you done the meeting between Everett and Korg at Feliar's yet? also is Korg at your house or did you use the love potion?

how far are you in all the quests? you might need to continue another one to continue with it. Orc war needs you to do the lizard tribe story for a bit and Northcrest conspiracy and Mythshore, so that could be it. also you can check what you've got done in the book on the bottom of the screen, it should say what you need to do next as well if you haven't checked it.

when you rescued Korg did you fight her and beat her or seduce? and for Ste did you say both her and Arion were amazing or just one of them? 

I just read your comment on this not being continued for now because of multiple things irl, and even if I'm sad about it because this was great, I'm glad you actually told us. I have quite a few other games I have 0 idea if are being continued or not and it's rather frustrating since the creators haven't said anything but also continue to use social media ignoring people asking what's going on with the games.

also, I've never tried to make a VN but I have done some coding and such, and it's a LOT more complicated than it seems when being described by others, so I get the struggle to continue doing it daily or on a schedule for an entire month over and over especially since you said you have ADHD and because it took so long every time with a lot less progress than the effort seemed. 

so I guess goodbye for now, I hope you had at least a little fun during the time you worked on this and in the future you get to do what you want to without feeling obligated to do it. thanks for sharing this stories start and I wish you luck in future endeavors!

clear the path a bunch and save Tao from the ratking.

I believe the celebration event is required for that event so it might just not be possible if you didn't tell and stole the gems. 

do bottom Logan's route and build the fair, talk to Korg and he should mention someone asked to have sex with him and you just need to say "you should do it" and spam the look around choice in the fair.

get reptile lure from the witch and build the reinforced prison in your house, use the lures during the boss fight.

I had her on 75, but that was after giving her like a thousand dildo's and books and fighting then max seducing her a million more times.

I'm trying to see what the dialog is if you save both Feliar and Viccoria and restarted to see, and something weird and kinda funny happened. I was farming her like by spamming the shit out "fight Viccoria" because I completely forgot that existed and seducing her max gets her like up, and the dialog when I rescued Ste makes it seem like I fucking murdered her when all I did was give her the same thing he did XD

ye a couple. not certain this is all so there is a chance there's more. but the ones I do know about is one with Thistle, 2 (3 if you count the dream event about choosing "evil or good"/between Rune or Alon) with Rune, 1 (2 if you count a different dream for him in specific) with Burry and the one with Alon everyone knows about.

to be honest I hadn't thought about Logan going back to the camp so it's kinda funny both the replies to this have that one in specific lol. long as it's consenting this time I also want that kinda scene.

omfg this would be so hot. maybe it could have a couple variants? like one for saving the rando and you can get either a regular reward of money or an item or "help them out" because the satyr got to them a bit and it won't go away. the other one could be the Satyr got defeated and the other person is gonna have fun and both don't mind, but we could join to "help" the Satyr take care of the rando or help the rando have fun with the Satyr? maybe if we choose to "help" the defeated Satyr it could test the waters and tease us and instead of sticking to pleasuring the other guy with us they could use us as well? also I don't know if Everett would get caught by a regular Satyr that attacked him because he is literally the commander of the Northcrest soldier's lmao. maybe Feliar would convince him it would be fun instead of it being a "rescue" it would be similar to his scene with Feliar.

aren't the troublemaker and the Drunkard the guardsmen of the tower who take turns being the guardsmen? maybe it would happen whenever they switch spots?

I want more with them too. for me it's a specific one, and that's Edmund.  I want more "background" character's that don't have a major route but are still able to be found and interacted with outside one time events. for your idea about the tavern or public, did you mean the quest from Harold where he asks you to sleep with customer's for money or just by relaxing at the Tavern, and for public the little corner where you can do lewd things in public or just randomly when entering or exploring the village? 

basically impossible in canon, but no. that would be a pretty hot scene. I just wonder whose the bottom lmao

a while ago some people shared some saves with a site so maybe you can try to find one like that to transfer your data. otherwise no there is not an official transfer method.

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just remembered something that might be helpful, a while back some people had a way to share saves with a site so maybe you can you put your saves on it to try and transfer it!

ooh that's actually a great idea! I just don't know what it would be an event for... since I can't come up with a holiday for it, maybe it could be a canon event? sorta like a "reward" for choosing his path instead of getting help from the witch? it could also remove my requirement of the black heart, but it could come at the cost of if we ever betray the nameless they would all find out? I wonder how many of them would mind it?

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there is no cloud save function, I wish I could help but I know literally nothing about transferring files since I just play the whole game all over again when I change my device lmao.

from you current device to a new one or from the last version to the next one?

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thinking about it, Gunnar Everett would be pretty hot. how would Gunnar react to Everett's other side though? would he blackmail him so he has a tool for Scar to use or just have sex when he wants like with us?

for the leader 3 way, that sounds amazing. now I kinda wanna have an event where we could invite the leaders for like a talk or something and that could happen with whichever leader's we choose lol. maybe it could even become an orgy with all of them!

with Logan going back to the camp, I don't how I feel about that one. I feel kinda... icky watching that happen originally but if it's consenting this time I think it would be pretty hot too. maybe if we don't do certain events Scar and tank or just one of them could be visiting and also have a turn with Logan? editing to add this as well, maybe there could be an event that triggers Logan to go completely shameless and not care as long as he has sex and that would give us the option to volunteer him for the "bitch for the thugs" quest?

Gunnar and Top Logan.... I think regular Logan would literally try and kill him lmao. we also would prolly lose like cause who the fuck else could convince Logan to have a threesome other than us. plus he'd absolutely get mad about Gunnar being anywhere near us after that XD. it could be hot tho. maybe Black heart and drunk again top Logan would be the solution? I refuse to get the black heart, but if we have it maybe he would only think of us as a sex object and Gunnar and him could get sorta along for that scene? maybe it could be a tavern thing instead.

holy shit this game is still alive... welcome back Eroki!

a comment I saw made me curious, what are some scenes y'all wanna see between characters? like any of them, even ones who don't even know the other exists as a pairing is fine. like Groth and Feliar. 

personally I wanna see Rhot and Roushk fight/try and fuck us better, Tao topping anyone (me), Groth and Orgram fuck our brains out, maybe even Korg joins in, Khalagor and his minions pounding us till we're stupid and more lewd fame stuff in the Tavern and Orc Tribe. like walking around naked maybe a Dwarf might spank us or tease our hole, and the Orc Tribe we would just get picked up and fucked. also Everett meeting Roushk or the Orc tribe and having fun with them all would be REALLY nice. 

wait I want to ask, when you said write it out did you mean remove it from the game written out, or written out to get put in the game later? because I thought you were asking if it was being canned as content not the other way.

not certain if your looking for replies, but I personally wanted to get in his pants as soon as I saw his face and body. then I found out he was a bottom and felt the same way you did, I didn't care much, until I went through his scenes and holy shit I may be a mega bottom but he is so fucking hot to the point I wouldn't mind topping. ESPECIALLY in his events, like you ever wondered what he'd be like if he was dominant? the Halloween one has him top the shit out of us if we lose/surrender, or power bottom to the level Logan does but in a more military vibe if we win. then the christmas event, I have been BEGGING since he first came out for him to be in a santa or some kinda of christmas outfits and that wish was granted so perfectly. I agree though I wish it was canon and Everett could just be himself without the fear of ruining the reputation of his home and losing the respect he's earned through hard work.

also, I think his friends/the other knights or whatever they are mention he's brought others around and let them screw and stuff. we're just the first one he enjoys more than once because we're really.... submissive. I think that is the only polite way to say it lol. so maybe after a bit he became only interested in us, but I think that started prolly like after we submit during the poker game or an earlier event I forget. but an Everett x Gunnar scene? holy fuck you just gave me another thing to add to my "Hyao please add this I'm desperate" list. even if I also know it's not possible, I still hold out hope it's not set in stone and things can still be changed.

yes. Bottom Logan has no romance and never will. it's kind of like a tradeoff, you get a hot power bottom who is a fucking super sex fiend, but you can't get him to love you at all.

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gonna split this up because it's feels like a jumbled mess.

have you kept one alive already or are you having trouble with both? if both, you prolly gotta reload at this point. if it's just Feliar it shouldn't be a problem as long as you didn't choose literally every choice that made him dislike you since he has a lot of repeatable stuff you can do to regain like.

edit: this part was entirely wrong. you can spam the fight choice with her and if you seduce her to max she gains like similar to how Feliar gets like everytime you sleep with him. you can also give her a bunch of Dildo's and erotic books.

saving Ste is similar. beat her ass she gets mad, fuck and she's happy. another thing is that Ste's rescue actually has more max like than Korg's does. if you wanna max out Viccoria so you can try to save her too, during the rescue Ste/free her new prisoner quest, bring Arion and have sex with both of them. I don't know if choosing one gives more like than choosing both, but if it does it's better to focus Viccoria since she has less content that lets her like you. if choosing both yields the same bonus, never focus one since the one you didn't choose likes you less.

after that, go through her dialog and agree with her. also give her a bunch of dildo's as a present, she'll enjoy that.

also little edit, gonna try and speedrun the entire game to get to that point in the story to see if Viccoria does lose like if you choose Arion over her since I can't remember since I last did the event like a year ago... 

alright so it seems I double misunderstood where you were. I'm just gonna state whatever could be relevant and hope it helps, if it doesn't or you need more specifics, just ask again and I'll do my best to change that! also sorry about this lol.

ok so to get both Roushk's first heart and having Grushk appear, you have to progress the lizard treasures story more.  Grushk I have no idea the specifics of, but he always just appears while I'm dealing with the gems, and always after talking to the nameless, so he should show up during that period for you as well. Roushk's heart, you just gotta do the celebration event and tell him your into him. if you've made your choice with the nameless and given him a gem, go back to Othra and tell her it's dealt with, and whenever the prompt of "should I return the gem?" happens, pick yes and you get the celebration event that leads to Roushk's first heart after a couple days. you check where your at in the book tab next to the helmet on the bottom of the screen. same place you use to check how much love/like a person has for you, just click event log instead of relation. I forgot about this part as well so I'm throwing this in, have you spoken to the witch about protection from the nameless? you can get a choice about not getting help from her, or getting it and this choice IS one you can change later by going to an earlier save unlike the most of the other nameless choices.

that's only out of 5 or 6 of the interactable NPC's. there are a lot more residents than just who we talk too repeatedly. like everyone in the tavern at night, the characters from certain events we only see in said events, and future characters we might end up adding to Bareshades residency. so technically it's still a minority of werewolves to humans.

we have wanted this for a long while but I don't think it's gonna come. I also want it pretty bad, but I don't know how Hyao would do it without causing some big problems with lore. mainly Logan's romance and how we would get cured at all.

it most likely won't get added since it would require a MAJOR amount of dialog updates, but maybe.

I agree whole heartedly! and also what Hyao said doesn't mean it "might" happen it's gonna happen lol. so far he doesn't just add content to leave it unfinished forever, so long as it's started it'll get added. it's one of 2 things I like to think are surefire signs of future content! a WIP or a relationship tab! whenever the scene comes it'll be really nice since Othra will finally get the love she deserves. I hope either we, or we and Roushk give her a great time and let her relax from her... exhaustive lifestyle. 

not right now, even in the case you said both or just her. its not gonna get wrote out though, it's just not been added for a couple reasons. first being this game is mainly gay, and she is not a homosexual man lol. second is that Hyao is adding more stuff for other area's right now since we recently got a tribe update meaning it might be a good minute before the tribe gets more stuff. 

np! sorry about being late, just hope this helped lol.

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ok i think I completely misunderstood your comment and assumed you were way earlier in that storyline. my bad.  you are prolly caught up and the rest is a WIP right now, unless you haven't done the stuff with Hissh, Grushk and the extra lizard dude in the misty abyss. you can check if you've done it in the quest book on the bottom of our UI in areas.

which choice is this? I only know 2 and neither have a "bad ending" they just both want you to choose a side and don't really have consequences unless your corrupt the entire lizard tribe and that consequence is only in the swamp.