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Omfg I completely misread your comment the northcrest cave is an option if you chose to avoid the troll and on the outside there is some glowshrooms and the witch has a quest for them as well sorry for misreading of the first time.

After getting them you talk to the witch/priestess to get a glowing amulet. (Witch gives different source of light)

It's the glowshrooms in front of the cave when you click look for another way past the troll bridge or some other ways of you sold those or did something to them by accident.

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There is a little eye on the top corner you click that and the scene goes onto the screen. 

Did you do his event before the shack? Like the drinks?

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oh you to get the light source you need to do either everything up to the purification lake in the lizard tribe story line or talk to the witch at anytime I think and she'll ask for the glowshroom in front of the cave you can't enter. A nd the cave is unlocked by using the glowing amulet you get from on an accessory slot and trying to go in. But the lizard priestess also will turn them into an amulet which can be used in an accessory slot for light to enter. But for the lake you need to find all the pieces of the statue of the lizard, which one is given by a quest from the witch during the day, another is found in the bandits camp and the last is the head from when you first encountered rhot. (Wait coming back to this message you might just need glowsrooms and the priestess or witch to unlock one....)

Atm there isn't much other than working out with him and his parts in the main story that boost it. Unless something new is in the patreon.

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I think you need one or two hearts with him.

Yea hyao said that the scenes without the player will most likely get a cg since with the player he's mainly planning on leaving him as a void so we can use our imagination during the scenes. (Unless he changed his mind and decided later he's going to add in a drawn pc, however in the next update the hud is going to be updated and on his Twitter I saw a post of some examples and they look great!)


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You have to get his relationship high enough and have certain events with him done, Like sleeping in the same bed at the cabin and a having a drink with him. (Not in that order drinks are first in the event list)


I couldn't tell if it was me but I think that's the lowest it can go for him it may not be an "ending" but some extra text because on my make character I got some excess text afterwords where my character said he wanted more but then passed out and that was it

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there aren't many conversations where you could do anything lustful except the training and acolyte quest line and training with rhot so I think so.

Lifes gay

*from absolute joy*

You need bandit morale to be higher than 25 for him to come back.

It's a sanity thing he need to lower your sanity to 0.

The power bottom logan is corrupted logan you sent to the camp after the attack btw

I think you need to seduce the other lizard people

You need to have the bandits low morale so they start attacking you in places again then when you rest at night there's a chance for them to attack and he fights them off.

you can now it was added in the update

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are you in the public version? That one you can't captur Rhousk yet it's only in patreon build right now.

Yea I think I'm the main page it said that there working on it.

Thanks and sorry you got bad news I hope whatever happened is fixed soon!

it's after the forest when you beat scar you gotta click move forward.

merry christmas hyao!

hmm i wouldnt go that far yet... have you done the quests for the priestess

So did you get her day quest for the egg?

The saytrs main thing is seduction if You can use restrain potions you might be able to beat them, or a calming solution those lower libido and make you less sexual so you can avoid increasing there attitude.

click the "try to find another way" option on the troll bridge 

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how many pieces do you have? The head yet or do you need that too?

maybe in bareshade? 

Also when he's at 15 likeness he will if you buy a private bath suggest you to together and just hang which also increases his likeing of you.

inside the caves you can either submit to the tar creatures while using the feminine potion or go to the area in the corner of the minimap thing in the mine area and check there for larvae.

you first need the amulet from the witch or lizard priestess/othra in which you need 5 glowshrooms from the entrance to the northcrest cave, which once you have them just go talk to the witch or othra and they'll have the option to talk about sunlight source. Then you get the new amulet and wear it while going into the caves and eventually you should find a area where you have the option to explore a new area in which it enters a place where you choose to go up down left or right. You explore there.

You have to start by just being nice and doing the talk option and helping him out with stuff, it makes his "I like you bar" go up. Then the more you help the more stuff is unlocked.

wait was it at day or night you did this?

your supposed to jack off with it I heard but that never worked for me im still trying it figure it out...

oh. You get it by waiting until day 20 unless bernard is still sick then you have to get the cure from the lizards in the temple and once you cure bernard if it's past day 20 you need to speak with him wait a day come back the town is in ruins and then you get the camp unlocked.