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I though that green one was emerald's legendary pokemon, i wonder what scenes and stuff she will have since dragon pokemons are my favorite ones, there are other pokemons i like as well from those video games.

He could try that but it depends on if any other users that try to help him with the game does not make it worse along the way, so he probably only go for whichever ones he trust the most and have the most programming stuffs for making that game, it is up to him whenever he wants to try and see if anyone else wants to help him with this or not.

It will take a while for that to be done but Brpdchainsaw can take as long as they want for each regions for the pokemons and stuffs, it is going great with the first 2 regions and the others will eventually be ready when they are done with the pokemons and stuffs for each of them.

And for the Sinnoh ones when it comes to pokemons, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus are some dragon legendary pokemons i like, but after Hoenn is done i wonder what other characters in Sinnoh other than the ones i mention will also be added for it some day, you can take your time with this since the game is great.

The Johto parts are great for the pokemon and i think that was Rayquaza on the teaser for Hoenn form that last picture i see out of the 3, i wonder what other characters and pokemons will be added in the update for it when it is ready?

It is fine, sometime the words is not clear but the enegry for her does go down by one if i get the question right during her quiz, so that is the way for me to know if i get one of the 5 questions right or not, the game is great, looking forward to Lugia, Suicune, and whatever other pokemons and stuffs that chapter 2 will add in the future.

Articuno can tell me easily if the answer to the question is right or wrong but Moltres does not have any clues if i pick the correct answers or not so what words am i looking for on the 3 question if i got them correct?

The enegry number changing from 3 to 2 might be a clue if i got the correct answer or not i am going to test this now if that is the onlt way to figue this out, 

The enegry go down a number if i got the correct answer from the fire bird's questions so i need to watch that to see if i got the correct one or not since that is my only clue for this.

It is ok to take breaks every now and then, the game can be good so far, you can take your time for each updates so you can do the next update as well as the other ones whenever you want to.

Same here, a Guide for this game is good if users have trouble trying to find certain scenes along the way when it comes to making the right choices to avoid missing out on certain paths.

Ok, Leon said the mimic enemy might be able to lower it by losing/surrendering to it, the reason i ask about this was because of the waiter scene might have something new added if that stat is low enough to do so, same for any other new ones that might arrive in the future, this game is great so far, so take your time with whatever updates your currently doing, like the repeatable takes one that might arrive someday for farming as an example.

Does anyone know a list of ways to lower Purity in case i want to see scenes that can only happen if that is low enough to do so?

I have perception at 4 and apprenance at 8, the Lizardman have a 70% chance of appearing each time you change rooms or interact with anything that the eye icon reveals, you might also randomly have the hide and attack him choices if he did not see you each time he appears, the hide option can allow you to avoid him, if you have a save on the screen before the stairs leading to floor 2, the door on the right can allow you to reset your lust back to 0, you can use that to farm levels, there is another restroom after using the stairs that leads to floor 3 that you can use as well, otherwise you might have to load the save before entering the dungeon if you don't want to save scum through it.

i mannage to beat him with my Appearance at 6, 1 point into rapid shot, improved evasion, equiping the 7 master equipments, the starting gun, and having 30 hp and lust restoring pills, i just tease him and i eventually get his lust to 50 before my hp reach 0 or my lust reach the cap, tease can miss him with that stat points and equipment set up but if you keep trying you will eventually beat him.

You can wander around the first town to unlock new areas to visit as well other than the club.

When it comes to making a guide Xperiment, you can get it underway whenever you have the time to do so, the game is great, so whatever your currently doing at the moment, you keep on doing it in your own time and when you have nothing to do for new contents and stuffs, then you can slowly make a guide for it, take your time for whatever your doing.

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Anyone Know where the wires need to go for that generator puzzle? I think i manage to get one of them to 80 or 90% and the other side was around 10 or 20%, not sure if there is a way for me to get both of them to 100% manually or as high as possible for both numbers.

Never mind, i have found it after messing around for a while, and i wonder if the message someone in the club that gives the first task of the game say something different if i use more tease moves instead of hp ones during the training fight on the ship or if it does not matter?

Do you know what exactly the toggle button looks like? I can't find it on the map screen, it is my first time playing this game so without the game telling me exactly how to do something i never done before i don't know what to do during it.

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Ok, hopefully in the future Hayo might add the corrupted version in case there are users that prefer that version over the other 2, since there can be versions that each players might like over the others and that at least gives 3 different options for that item, the game is still great with the new updates and he will take his time and stuffs for each new update.

Not sure if i am remember this, but can the Lizard's Piercing have a corrupted version instead of a normal or pure version? If it can, then how can i do it?

That is fine, take your time, you can always try asking users on here for ideas and stuffs if they can think of any for the contents in this game if you want to, take breaks every now and then if you need to, i don't mind waiting for how long the next update will be.

No problem, it can be hard for receiving help in the world, you can freely ask on the internet and outside of it for feedback and stuffs if you can think you can trust whoever's help you need from them, i will try to help as best as i can but you can also start looking around on the internet for other users to try and get help with the problems you have as well any time you wan to, you go and focus on the home thing for now, asking for help from people that you can trust with this problem you have.

You just do what you can to find a new home as well as making progress with this game and others over time, take your time sorting out what is the most needed right now to keep on living and being happy.

It is fine, stuffs like that happens, you do your best getting new contents and stuffs over time whenever you have the time to do so, take as long as you need for each new updates for the game, just be happy with what you do.

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It is fine, you can try to get one on here, you can ask people on here for help how to have the download button appear for this game on here for the downloadable version, just do what you do best.

A Downloadable or Full Screen option for this makes reading and seeing the screen better, but since your new to this, you get better with this over time, just keep on doing your best fixing the game and stuffs for it, taking breaks every now and then if you need to, take your time with it and don't let other people's comments make problems with you emotions and stuffs.

In case the answer to where the Cheat Codes thing is not done yet, after you Accept Hayo's deal from clicking the Message from him option, if you click the cog icon or press ESC, in the Preference after clicking/tapping it, it will be below the Non-Canon Events on the right side out of the 5 lock symbols, click/tap that lock next to that name to activate/deactivate it.

I like dragons the most, as well as Dinosaurs and other 100% Animal, Creature, and Monster Characters, it depends on how they look with the species and names for them, but i don't have much limits to the ones i do like.

I notice as well, maybe the post that reveal the changelogs will happen in the future?

I like his animation, you take your time with working on the stuffs for this game and being as bug and glitch free as possible.

Like his his progress is going with the model, keep on making him as best as you can have him be over time

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Choose the option where you look around or rest inside the tracks location at night to trigger the convensation between them if you have meet the needed stuffs to have that scene trigger for the next part

It does have them if you submit, same for the tease moves the enemies do in combat, so keep this in mind when playing the game

I love the feral dragon, as well as the other dragon, and the stuffs you mention, keep on doing what you do best for this game with making it as better as possible, taking breaks every now and then to not exhaust your energy and sleep every now and then as well as hunger and thirst.

This game is really good, hope to see it win or be around to play at any time in the future

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I want the lizard or other character that i like to win polls, the fox are ones i probably don't like as the species, hopefully in the future there will be only scalie or furry characters i like to pick on in the next poll? But everyone have own favs, mine are mostly dragons, dinosaurs, scalies, and furries like gators, lizards, horses, elephants, and stuffs like that, so i pick the ones i like to see added when looking at the polls and avoid the ones i probably don't like

A dragon would be good if you can manage it, or even a dinosaur, but i see the deer is winning heavily, that one is fine as well, maybe some day in the future a dragon or dinosaur can be found in the game? Other than that, this game is good over time, keep on making it as best as you can while taking breaks every now and then.

Don't worn yourself out with doing this as fast as possible, take breaks every now and then to avoid getting exhausted.

This game can be really good, i hope in the future there is a guide for how to get different traits and getting to different scenes, maybe a gold debug as well in case i want to not take my time earning them?

No problem, i love non-human characters the most being the dominated species and pred to other characters, with the humans being the prey and sub the most for me, i just love non-human characters more than human ones, but you do what is best to make the users happy with the game your resuming.

The 2 Scalie ones are the ones i like the most, the foxes i am not sure if i like or not, and feral is the most best one for me with anthro being second, but it depends on what you are fine with doing as well as how others are feeling with the outcomes and stuffs for them, keep on making this game the best it can be.

If i am able to pay the monthly fee that Patreon needs to even be able to view locked stuffs, then i would vote the second choic out of 3 from left to right or the ones with the dragon characters in it even though those are not real dragons, they are still dragons to me.