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You need to know recipe for Restrain Potion for her to give you that quest. 

Yes, that's exactly the case. It's box number and slot number. 

I'm fine. I think. Hopefully :D I hope you are fine as well :)

Put some pants on?

There are two amulets that you can get from Priestess or the Witch if you go talk to them while having five glowshrooms in your inventory. There also will be an option to make a torch in the next update. 

Yup. Normal garden let's you plant berries only. Big one have so more options, but it still not gives access to everything. Probably there will be another upgrade in the future. 

I'm glad to hear you like those options so much! I wanted to have some NPCs that are more complex and will need different approach. I will try to make the game even better in the future ^^

Thank you!

Very late happy birthday ^^'

For now it's only with raptors. I may add similar things in the future though. 

There should be a folder with LustfulDesire and saves are stored there.

The mysterious person will appear eventually anyway, so even in the good ending. Just in different situation.

Bandit's camp morale is low (You can see it when you are on the camp dot on the map.) If the morale is lower than... 20 or 25 then Barrel is not appearing in the town anymore and bandits are attacking on the track again. You need to do some quests or bribe them to increase the morale. The morale getting lower every day. 

Do you have stables built? Because that's one of the requirements for this quest to appear. 

That's something I have troubles checking. It looks good on my settings. Could you provide me a screenshot how it looks on your screen? Via email? Or just post it here?

Get some more experience or better equipment. Make sure you have enough different potions to keep you in fight. Also you may want to start with getting rid of the acolyte first, as she have healing skills. 

You can't. That's how he is working. You need to use several lust potion to increase his libido to a certain point (Where his sprite change). Then you can start to tease him. 

Harem pants. You need to collect 10 tufts of hair (From big rat or wererat), then go back to Tailor and you should have a new conversation topic with her. After that a new item should be available in the shop. You can also wash them if you have cleansing water / 3 x soap. That's also a conversation with Tailor. 

And I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the update!

Thanks! Happy to hear such a positive comment and I'm glad to hear people like the new GUI. It took some time to adjust everything. There will be more with Rhot and with werewolves in the near future ^^

Werewolf story have nothing to do with lizard story, so no matter what ending you had for lizard, you still will have the whole werewolf side story. The only thing that matters is if you have normal Logan or bottom Logan (The story is more complex for his normal route)

If you visit the ruin and go back to the map, when you hover the ruin icon again you will see the lust points of warriors and acolytes. Those points can be increased mostly by doing certain things. You can get a lot while doing "Lost acolyte" quest, you can obtain them by doing naughty things with warriors or by giving lust potion to acolyte outside the temple or Rhot. 

No need to apologize. Sometimes I have hard time to answer to all the questions, also notification system is not that great, which means I can easily miss some messages. But I'm trying to reply to the questions (Unless someone else already answered it, thanks for helping out! I appreciate it!). 

Plus I know the game can be confusing sometimes :P 

Not in 0.17. There are other werewolves in 0.17. Alpha werewolf is for 0.18. 

Sorry. That part of guide was marked in color, like items or recipes and it means it is available in the patreon version. I added additional information to that part of the guide. Sorry for the confusion. 

Hmm... Do you have a dom character? I found a mistake that could not show the option for dom characters. I'll fix that. Thanks.

That's a lot of emotions :P Yeah, bad ending lizards have some secrets of its own. And about werewolves, well, you will see in the next update ;)

Journal thing? What exactly do you mean? There are a few. 

Werewolf event starts in Bareshade, but only in 0.17. It's not available in public version yet. 

You need to do underground thing first. Find the mine and do small quest with diabosite. 

I probably going to change that in the future and make talk option available earlier. 

It's in the 0.17, not in the public version yet. 

Just go to the bandit camp and get back to the map. Now if you hover camp icon you should see their morale. It's dropping every day, unless you do some quests or bribing. If morale is lower than 25 then the bandits starts attacking again. I think sparring should work too, as it counts as a normal fight. 

And he's dying to have some action with you !

Logan "First search" talk done OR Encouraged Logan Route, Werewolves mentioned in "Ask about his friend" talk, Sickness event done

A lot of information can be found in guide:

I really wanted to add some content too, except of the GUI changes. It wasn't that much, but at least it was something. I'm glad you were positively surprised :)

Poison is not deadly, I swear! So it's still not about the killing! 

Did "eye option" crashed the game even after you get back to map and then repeated the event? 

The more option there is, the more work it means to me. Arion is written by someone else who have only that character so he can focus on making the scene more complex, while I have the rest of the game to maintain which usually means I don't have enough time to make as many options as I would want to. I'm still trying to do new things, add variety and make things interesting (For example, in this update there are four different variations with massaging Korg, the others appears the second and the third time it is repeated.)

Amulet from the witch and mysterious signet lowers the max sanity. But for now I couldn't make it work perfectly, so that's why you have 95/80 after you equip one of those items. Then as soon as there is some kind of refresh stats, it's fix itself and goes to 80/80.

The shape there doesn't really represent the MC. It's just a picture in a better quality than that shadow that was there previously. 


You don't need to start from the beginning. Like Temfesta said, go back to the map when you load (This update had some changes that can mess with stuff), but then you should be fine. Also renpy keeps saves outside of the game folder, so you will always have them, even if you delete the folder with game and unpack a new update. 

Did you do that quest? Hunting for wolves? Because shop is opened after you do that quest. 

You can do quests for Jester. One is improving the morale a bit, the other is decrease how fast the morale are dropping. You can also bride him three times per day, increasing morale by paying him some coins.