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Of course not! You can trust Hyao!

Q: Where are my save files located?
A: The following are the default file locations on each platform. (“Show hidden files” needs to be enabled in Windows)

On Windows: C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\LustfulDesires-1520529303
On Mac: [YourUserName]/Library/RenPy/game_directory
On Android: android/data/com.r3nn.ld/files/saves

It's not really a break ;p 

Last time I put two updates for public at the same time because it didn't make sense to have holiday's event posted in February. 

There is a plan to make that scene as well, but it's not available yet. Still need to work on it.

Yeah, it's not possible yet. But I have in plans to change the Caleb appearance even without romancing Bernard. I'm just not sure when I'll implement. There's always a lot of stuff to do >.<

What do you do! 

Well, that depends on what you want to do. Just be careful with decision with Nameless. He can be tricky to play around. 

Also, I'm not locking your fate behind one decision. So picking anything here is still fine. It's not going to lock you in a certain path. 

The update is usually somewhere around the 5th each month. I don't give exact date, as sometimes I take too much over my shoulder and then I need a bit more time to finish what I already started. 

Do something after eating cookies. The game needs to see a progress in a form of a text dialogue. Leave the house, go somewhere on the map, sleep. Just see one dialogue and then save. Then renpy will save all the changes. I know it's weird, but it's something I didn't figured out yet how to avoid. 

The Booner option was the standard one where you had no idea where to go. 

Apothecary or armory were extra options if you had enough like with Ruben or Dulrig.

You also need to drink the warmth potion

Bandits - I think that's the fanart Itsara mentioned about. Or at least that's the only one I could find. 

Doing old art means I won't have current art and my recent approach to the game is I want to have sprites for the newest events. Whenever one of my artist will have some free time to fill one of the lacking sprites we are going to do it. 

On icons work a separate artist who was feeling more comfortable with items like fruits/potions than an equipment itself, that's why those were handled first. He is slowly starting to work on equipment, so there will be more and more of them in time. 

And those artist have their own lives, their own projects, they can only give me that much every month.

Sorry. The red path (corrupting the lizard) is not progressed yet. I'm putting main focus on finishing the good boy paths first. I know the orc stuff blocks a lot of other things, so I'll try to make it unlock for the corruption path soon... 

This option comes in 0.48, so not yet

It will take a lot of time. Just like doing the quest log. I have that in mind though, the base is already prepared, but there's never enough time for everything. If I put more attention to it, it means less content written and I usually prioritize the events. Eventually I'll finish that part though. 

That's what he said! 
It's most likely going to be tomorrow. 

Maybe tomorrow. Most likely the day after tomorrow. 

Hey there!
Just an information about the change in schedule. The builds will be released at the beginning of each month, instead of at the end of the month. 
Expect the next update at the beginning of October. 
Sorry for the change and I wish you all the best!

I wrote that in the update page, but no harm in saying this here as well. 
August will be without an update. I will be taking a break. So the next public release will happen at the end of September. 

But it is already like that. 
You can play the game without doing anything naughty or romancing anyone. Or just one person. There's no penalty for going after couple of people either. Sometimes there are even additional dialogues if you are having hearts with more than one person (Logan may act differently, if you have heart with Bernard. Rhot can be jealous of Roushk if you have hearts with both of them).
You can play it however you want. At least that's what I'm trying to achieve. 

I'm very sorry for the delay. Update 0.45 took me a little longer to finish than I anticipated. And I always post both public and patreon build on the same day.

There will be more stuff with Nameless... I'm not sure if option to live with him is one of them though xD

I can understand the frustration coming from lack of rollback , but... 

it was kinda messing with the whole mechanic of passing time and gaining items. People could just rollback whenever they got an event they didn't want.

- A lot of those points are about the graphic. I'm getting as much of art as I can. Artist I'm working with have their own lives and their own projects. They can only do that much during one month. All enemies will have sprites, all places will have backgrounds, new icons are added every month. Making those assets require a lot of time and effort, I'm trying not to hustle people I work with. 
- Character log is already implemented. I just didn't have time to fill it. There's an example what it's going to look with Bernard's two quests. It's just another time consuming thing that would require quite a lot of time from me, which would mean less time for doing content. So for now I just left it for later. 
- 'Pokedex' thing. That's another thing that is already in game. Just not exactly updated for the same reason as the one above. But when I find some time to work on it, I'll update the information. 

RIP save files

I really need to clean those up, cause with certain characters it's easy to miss... especially when they were supposed to be just random npcs! 

Hyao appears only in weird moments when no one is expecting it. 
Which means people would start to expect it at this point... hmm... need to change the strategy. 

There's banging alright :D

You're welcome!
Thanks for helping people around ^^

You're welcome, hope you enjoy the update ^^

I'll try to! Thanks

No rest for the wicked :P
But at least I'm excited for the stuff to come.

I'm trying to get as much art as possible... but artists have their lives too, so there is only that much I can have :P 

There is additional hidden variable for the content with beast kind of enemies. If you see only standard sprite for dire wolves for example that variable is not enough. To increase you need to mess up with those kind of monsters. 

Which scene? The one with cg? It should happen randomly after finishing first steps of his quests.

Unless you mean something from the newer version. 

What kind of bug?

I can't really say much without seeing the error. 

The update shouldn't do any of that. The save files are stored in a completely different folder than the game itself. 

That is correct. Those are guest characters, I discuss stuff with the writers, but they are giving me the content that later I implement it into the game. I'm also trying not to rush guest writers, so they working on it whenever they have some free time. 

To answer the question, I'm not sure when there will be more of Arion. But I'll let the guest writer know people asking for horse boi.