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Love your games. Just want to say to keep up the good work. Also, if possible, add H victory options for fairies.

Also, can you impregnate others in this game?

Thanks! Fairies H victory, I'm pretty sure they have one!

And yes, right now one of the major NPC's can be impregnated~.

I'm pretty sue you can't use Ero attacks on them, and they just fly away when you win. I meant player victory.  You can have it a chance that you can grab one before they escape, or all 3. For victory scenes, you have options. You can do the same they did (nipple onaeholes, fairy dildo, etc..), but in reverse, with the player in control.

Also, is there any other futa in the game? Rinny can grow one temporarily, but that's the only one. How about adding a  10-20% chance per nandit girl encounter that the she will be a futa (with victory/defeat scenes of course)?

There is a way to defeat them without them running away when you win.

And bandit girl actually does already have futa scenes ingame XD.

I guess it's a random chance to meet a futa bandit girl or something? Or is is a special encounter?

It's not random. Go see Rinny for a certain 'spell', then come back and fight the bandit girl~.

Found a bug with fairy, fishnet will remain in its place after you been surrender(playing scene). (also, fairy dildo will be a really good idea, a picture cut scene will be great)

Thanks, will take a look!

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The Drain Kiss is the only spell I get of Rinny, and if I ask for magic lessons she tells me "maybe later".

Also, even with fertiltiy pills, Rinny cannot impregnate the MC for some reason

As far as I can tell, there is no content besides Transylvania  and roaming around New Ark city ATM. The Science Tower, Flesh parasite base, Desert, Milk factory, etc are not available yet.

EDIT: Nevermind, got it

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Rinny can impregnate MC, not sure what you're doing wrong!

You might have to finish manor quest first?

Edit: If you're still having trouble, send me your save file and I can check

I tried everything I can think off to stop the fairies running away. What am I missing?

Also, regarding the bandit girl - I'm liking her ever more. MORE. More options to tease her. Like when she comes to beg you to remove it, suck her off, or tell her she has to fuck you first or something....Heck, if you tease her enough, maybe she can come and ask for the cock back? Perhaps an option of finding her a job?

Use lust tonics on the fairies.

It'll def be interesting to make a route for her XD

thnx. Oh, another idea - using the futa spell on the fairies!

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wow, lewd! we'll see XD