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I guess it's a random chance to meet a futa bandit girl or something? Or is is a special encounter?

It's not random. Go see Rinny for a certain 'spell', then come back and fight the bandit girl~.

Found a bug with fairy, fishnet will remain in its place after you been surrender(playing scene). (also, fairy dildo will be a really good idea, a picture cut scene will be great)

Thanks, will take a look!

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The Drain Kiss is the only spell I get of Rinny, and if I ask for magic lessons she tells me "maybe later".

Also, even with fertiltiy pills, Rinny cannot impregnate the MC for some reason

As far as I can tell, there is no content besides Transylvania  and roaming around New Ark city ATM. The Science Tower, Flesh parasite base, Desert, Milk factory, etc are not available yet.

EDIT: Nevermind, got it

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Rinny can impregnate MC, not sure what you're doing wrong!

You might have to finish manor quest first?

Edit: If you're still having trouble, send me your save file and I can check