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Fire arcs sounds like a definite thing. Turrets, broadside guns, spinal weapons - all have pros and cons.

Barkskin for drayads? Vine manipulation?

Demons/succubi might have seduction or drain kiss? I guess bonus on sexual jobs?

Wolfgirls - pack bonus (+1 damage or +1 defense for every worlfgirl in party?)

Kitsunes/fox girls - bonus on spell efficiency/mana reduction?

Thanks for the bug report. Will fix it.

I wouldn't give slime strength. Slimes are basically all endurance, because they are so hard to harm. But being very liquid-like means no real strength. 

For Dragonkin, I'd say +1 natural armor

Arachna +3 agility is way too much. Arachnas are big, no way they'll be agile. You could give them (and lamias) the poison ability (chance to reduce random enemy stat by 1 per hit or something similar) or webbing (basically natural slow ability, no mana required)

Drayad - since they are plant/tree like, I'd probably give them good STR and END, but low AGI. Slow and steady. Bonus on farm jobs, lumberjacking

Elves - I'd balance them better, give regular elves nature essence, with elves being mostly agi and magic based (drow might be more STR but less MAG)

Angels and Fairies get Flying, which is a great thing, but with proper weight penalties would be better balanced. The STR penalty of fairies would come into play, making them evasive, magic support, since they can't carry as much as angels, nor can they hit as hard in melee.

Angels... heal bonus or bonus on nurturing jobs (Nurse)?

For one, they do not seem to trigger cum related desires (cum on face, etc), like they aren't producing at all.

Probably. Haven't tried it.

Given that this mod changes only a few things  (the only file it truly changes significantly is, everything else is a single code block), it should be easy to it. But I haven't even looked into how mod files are made yet.

Then it's just the file. You can replace it with the backup one.

You can also do a compare to see the changes (there are only a few) and add them in manually to the fresh file. Should be easy to find (output and enlarge would be the keywords). There are 3 places in the file where an operation is defined

Hmm..I'm playing with the latest version...

Everything else besides the lab works normally?

Hmm.... hard to tell what the problem is. The error points at, a file I did not touch with my modification. Did you edit it anyway? Are you using ARCIS? What exactly did you click to get that issue? Tried accessing the lab? A specific operation in the lab?

If the is giving you problems, copy the ones from backup and see if that helps (you will loose the two extra surgeries)

thnx. Oh, another idea - using the futa spell on the fairies!

I tried everything I can think off to stop the fairies running away. What am I missing?

Also, regarding the bandit girl - I'm liking her ever more. MORE. More options to tease her. Like when she comes to beg you to remove it, suck her off, or tell her she has to fuck you first or something....Heck, if you tease her enough, maybe she can come and ask for the cock back? Perhaps an option of finding her a job?

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The Drain Kiss is the only spell I get of Rinny, and if I ask for magic lessons she tells me "maybe later".

Also, even with fertiltiy pills, Rinny cannot impregnate the MC for some reason

As far as I can tell, there is no content besides Transylvania  and roaming around New Ark city ATM. The Science Tower, Flesh parasite base, Desert, Milk factory, etc are not available yet.

EDIT: Nevermind, got it

What? This shouldn't be happening.

You mean you don't see them in the slavers guild? Something might be wrong with your What you can do is turn off arcis, turn it on again (which should re-start a clean arcis mod without my modifications) and apply the changes manually to the file (as written in the .txt file). In other words, don't overwrite, replace the two changed lists (shops and treasure) in a text editor.

I guess it's a random chance to meet a futa bandit girl or something? Or is is a special encounter?

I'm pretty sue you can't use Ero attacks on them, and they just fly away when you win. I meant player victory.  You can have it a chance that you can grab one before they escape, or all 3. For victory scenes, you have options. You can do the same they did (nipple onaeholes, fairy dildo, etc..), but in reverse, with the player in control.

Also, is there any other futa in the game? Rinny can grow one temporarily, but that's the only one. How about adding a  10-20% chance per nandit girl encounter that the she will be a futa (with victory/defeat scenes of course)?

nope.  Not frail.   average boobs. It is weird. But not a big problem.

Nope. Permanent crawling for me. I've equiped a travel bag in that slot. Days passed. Even sent the slave for training.

Love your games. Just want to say to keep up the good work. Also, if possible, add H victory options for fairies.

Also, can you impregnate others in this game?

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Stone full plate? Some items don't make sense unless you restrict materials.

After playing a bit more I am more convinced that giving classes bonuses/penalites rather than strict equipment blocking would be better. I don't have to be a knight to wear heavy armor, but if I'm not trained for fighting in armor, I would actually be penalized (lowers peed, reduced effectivenss) while those that are trained would not.

EDIT: I have to say that I prefer the old system of actually traveling around, going form town to town. Not that I mind dungeons, but they seem like a nice extra, not like something that should be core.

Travling and ambushing or being ambushed (depending on party size. Big enemies groups are easier to detect and evade. Smaller party hides more easily) and random encounters were good.


Here's a big suggestion - instead of a turn passing in sex every time something is selected, have it only pass when you click on PASS TURN. That way one can get away with less turns, but far more controls. Also setting up big orgies becomes possible. You can easily run out of turns before you arrange half the actors.

Yeah, items, slaves/managers and policies that do that automatically would be needed.

(1 edit)

Something like this for slave managment tab. Gear should be outsite of a specific character, easier to equip multiple people. The tab itself should list all relevant info - seeing what everyone is assigned to and what they re good at a glance. Or perhaps, looks at Rimworlds work tab.

The slave tab itself - the large portrait is just in the way - you have to close the individual screen on the X before you cna select another slave. By removing hte big portrait, you can have the slave list on the other side and switch between slaves more easily.

Another alternative would be to have the slave inventory there. Or heck, an option to switch between slave list (for quick slave switching), gear (more info) or big slave image

OK,  having played some more, I like some of the changes, like the classes.

Not sold on equipment limitations based on class (better to have penalite/bonuses instead), but it you plan on keeping it, diversify. So far only the Knight class can use heavy armor and it's basically a paladin. So only one advanced class can use heavy armor? Diversify. Fighter -> Soldier/Knight/Paladin, etc..

The timer is a weird mechanic, but it's growing on me. However, having to constantly babysit obedience and fear is terrible. Unless there's a way to automate it, it will become terrible with more slaves.

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This ain't right...

Milked slaves get full breasts stress. Also, breast growth chance should be scaled based on pregnancy duration. Seems everyone ends up with max size boobs even with default values. (Leslie has small here because I lowered the chances myslef)

Small addendum - Strive 1 had futa with/without balls option.  I suggest you handle both kinds the same - given them both balls, just alter or hide the description for balls ones, since balless actually means scrotumless. Even Strive 1 mentions they have internal balls. Will also cause less issues with future modders.

The UI definitely has issues with too much clicks. I can already see some easy fixes. will elaborate more later.

(2 edits)

I did some checking. The issue is definitely there. The names are red and the toolpit tates the consent is not given, tough they willhappily do it and gain stress. 

And there are more. Handcuffs applying permanent CRAWLING condition. And futa without balls still not working.

The best way to handle that is to simply give them balls, but only alter the description (either hide it or say internal balls). Balless futa pretty much means scrotumless futa anyway.

EDIT: Interestingly enough, milked slaves still get stress for full breasts, despite being milked

The bonuses for different races could use more varriance. Some possibilities:

SERAPH - nurturing jobs more effective (milking, cooking, nurse)? Bonus healing with healing magic?

DRAGONKIN - natural 1 armor (those scales on the skin aren't just for show)? Firebreathing?

SLIME - natural regeneration? Fire resistance? Ice vulnerability? HP boost (to simulate how hard they are to wound) I noticed you have magic damage types, perhaps weapon damage type (more than one, best applies - sword would have pierce and slash for example).

In terms of sizes and races, right now there doesn't seem to be any limits like there was in Strive 1 (fairies were small, so low max STR and END). In that sense, I find your new system kinda lacking. First, have a big size range, from tiny (fairy-sized) to huge () and have each race have a min and max size value inside that range.

Also have a body types, going from thin, lean, chubby, muscular. Perhaps break into into fat/weight and muscle?

If those have tangible effects in terms of stats/performance, and with every race having a range that applies to them (size, can NOT go outside bounds), or gravitate towards (body type.. or fat/muscle)  then the races balance themselves out without stating every race precisely.

OR, you can go back to maximums dependant on race. Or some other solution.

As far as UI goes, I'll give it a thought, maybe whip up some mockup. may be something on my end again, but the consent for "breeding with relatives" options keep appearing every day, even though it was accepted. I'm going to test this a bit more...

Also, I see penile virginity in the code. I suppose that's not implemented?

I dunno. You could say the same for breasts and butts.

Some people have a ting for micro-things and mega-things. If you implement any reaction to sizes then it could play a bigger role

Try this:

(1 edit)

"I think 5 sizes for genitalia is an overkill."

Not really. Not anymore than any other sizes. 5 is a pretty tame size range

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Hello Maverik. Loved Strive 1 and modded it a lot. MY advice is to take a look at ARCIS and add similar things.


- Many actions should be available regarless of willingness. Like Tribbing - easy to do even with an unwilling slave.

Adding a cowgirl position - riding a slave with a penis - again, easy if you time him/her up. You could simply use level of coercion to determine what is available - the harder you press the more stress, but the more is available. If you have them tied and with a knife under their throat, then any action is a go, even if both are unwilling.

- proper item weights. Weight affecting slaves . Different modes of movement. For example - slaves with wings have a movement type of FLYING and get a speed bonus depending on encumbrance. So their body size, wing size and armor /weapon equipped would determine their speed bonus.

- individual sexual skills. How good a slave is at doing certain actions and how much they like them

- expanded daily events and slave-slave interaction with different outcomes depending on slave personality/fetishes. For example, the theft event from Strive 1? A perverse slave might want sexual compensation. A sadist might want to spank the thief. Etc...

- tracking of cum output values (indirectly tied to ball size, can be enhanced with magic without making balls bigger), penile virginity.


- add linen production to farm. Leather armor is a joke that was rarely used in the middle ages. Gambesons are where it's at. Cheap, common and effective armor.

A job tab that list all slaves and job would be nice. UI needs work.

I just re-uploaded with some fixes to some files. 

2 new lab operations, some item re-balances, small enhancement to fetish/race generation and fluid generation...

How exactly can one induce a fetish?

It seem totally random and simply talking about it every day doesn't seem to do anything.

Slightly updated version.

Added some more code (in txt files) with instructions on how to implement it.

added 2 new laboratory operations - enlarge (penis) and improve output (balls)

(1 edit)

Just saying, if this match code works as advertised, it will make a lot of things a lot easier, as it can actually do comparisons. It even has dictionary pattern matching!

On another note, some more weirdness. Handcuffs seem to set my angel slave to PERMANENT crawling. Removing them leaves them stuck like that and nothing I tried works. I even tried making a potion that will change that. I tried resting, tit reduction, anything that could possibly cause this...

EDIT; I added the code in a txt file inside my mod

feel free to take a look. For a companions only a slight adjustment is made that allows companions to suck/ride. Note that it's still WIP (placeholder text in a few places) and needs testing, but it SHOULD work.

(1 edit)

A few things I noticed:

- two incestuos slaves (Sis1, Sis2 )and a non-related slave (Jane). Selecting one of the siblings and the other slave (Sis1, Jane), you can't have them do anything to the other sibling (Sis2), since the game checks the non-related slave for incestuous actions. It treats BOTH of them as related to Sis2. (or to be more precise, it checks if Jane has incestuous consent)

- also, incest always seems to cause stress, regardless of consent.

On a semi-related note, I have been dabbling with Godot and found match x to be so much better than switch on other languages. ATM, I'm expanding the after-battle sex scenes with far more choices. Here's something you can do with  match:

var batte_rape_arr = [,]

match battle_rape_arr

['Futanari', 'Female']:

        text = 'code for futa on female'

['Futanari', 'Futanari']:

        text = 'code for futa on futa'

['Female', 'Futanari']:

        text = 'code for female on futa'


I'll make the code available once I finish it

Speaking of traits, the MC could use a trait. Otherwise it's better to breed slaves.

Seraph, tiny tits, Milk Flow 1. Statpage has no regen I can see (stopped lactating atm). Food earned is over 80912.5.

Is it normal to get 1700 food from a single miking slave? Not a Taurus b.t.w. and only 1 farm upgrade.

Yay. Finally managed to get it to work again (some things were missing Would still like someone elses scripts folder since there's a high chance some line was missed.