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Great game, I just hope we can get a skip or quick retry button after each loss.

Thank you so much!

I still can't find the hammer and Cythia

My game constantly crashes after pressing go back on the Golden Freedy scene.

Will I be given a steam key after I purchased the game here?

Thanks, I will check that out.

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Maybe I've misses the Ponk pack, can you show me the art pack purchase page?

4th of the character pack?

Maybe I have mistaken the gameplays. I assume there will be different dialogue for clothed and stripped appearance once we entered battles after we first entered slut mode, I recall something about the smell in the clothed appearance, but Maybe I remember it wrong.

I think there are some when first under slut mode and undressed, the cut scene and dialogue won't play differently after reloading the save and trying to play the game with clothing. And the boar can miss the attack to grab our hero when he is begging for it (which is hilarious).

This game has tags of rape but has not been tagged as NSFW?

Hard game, hard to control. But when you get used to it you can get through it rather quickly.

And this game makes me think a lot of threesomes now.

The game feature is a perfect fitting for the end, it's innovative and refreshing. 

This game is more of a control fun game rather than an erotic game, the concept is good for a small play but not a place for a fap, especially through emotional baggage at the end. (Maybe I got the definition of the NSFW game wrong) 


That would turn into a very long-term project, we will see how it will be developed if there are enough fans to support this game.

I did try playing them on locally, for now after I changed my computer to play it's now working. FYI, the game does not work on my surface pro 7, it gives error messages such as missing MSVCR100.dll and missing MSVCR120.

I only get vore like half at a time, so vore is not my biggest kink. But I think the players would want to jump into that mouth the second they see it, which contradicts the mechanics of the game.

Really fun game with a neat design. Here are some of my opinions after playing it.

The instruction needs to be more clear, I couldn't figure out how to put out a card for a while. And the explanation on how the games work needs to be more clear as well.

I think we can get a near full-screen effect in propriety with system boosted dpi.

The game is designed to have a specific deck of cards for players to use. But as an NSFW game, the player will desire to use other NSFW moves on the enemy (As you want to fxxk them in different ways), and the game wants to prevent the player from banging, which is a contradiction to an NSFW game, making it hard to enjoy. (But we don't have any animation anyway so maybe it's a minor thing)

Some of the effects contradict the game's code and crash the game for a few times.

If the game is meant to be more than 1 level, a Rest stop or a reduce pleasure effect is really needed

Games are unable to play from both download link

Excellent quality art pack, many good artists participated. Has a variety of characters. Wish it has a more focused theme, but the Deluxe edition's quality itself is worth the price.

Where can I find my save files on my computer again?

For gross solution is that the meat parasite penetrates your eye hole and connects with your eye nerve directly so you can see. For normal solution is that there are some gaps between the parasite so you can see through. For talk, the meat parasite only fuck your face and lay eggs in your mouth and stomach when it feels like it, so you can talk when it is happy.

Got it how to progress, we beat Mistyra in deserted base and ask for her help, additionally, the game bugged out when beaten by parasite scientist and attend to ???.

Just a heads up, for anybody gonna publish an art pack, be sure to tag the art pack tag under your advertisements, I really love to purchase many pony art packs but nobody knows they need to advertise them on derpibooru first for many pony fans to be noticed. I almost missed this one.

Extremely buggy, the character would stand on an invisible wall for any angle after any sex, the newly added tutorial section is laggy as hell when making any movement during and before the conversation. Can we get this game unbugged first?

Second, maybe we should add each sex scene to defeat the enemy and being defeated by the enemy? Just a good idea from playing another game named full-frontal frog (a gay game for now).

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Unplayable on chrome 

The road upstairs is blocked by meat parasite, and I can't progress further.

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How to progress the parasite route in this update?

How to transfer saves from ld version to this version?

So we confess Alissa and she says that she is useless and that's all?

I mean how to progress in this update

How to trigger and process Alissa and Gin's route?

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Bug report, after Fawn going to the upper new ark, you can still doing scene with her in the restaurant.

the game gets error when you wants to have pregnant sex with rinny

Survey not working

Mistrya as a Wolf Furry, is like the furriest way possible to be a furry. AND I LOVE IT. Finish her! More LEWD !

And Linda as a mouse is supper cute as well, will you do a special mouse feet as her feet? That's kind of my thing. Also, her hand is a little bit too red in furry form in the current build, maybe it needs some changes.

This makes me thinks of a awesome threesome or orgy out of them, it will be pretty cool.

Ah,       Mistryra, my favourite.

I am not even sure I finished the update or not. What happens after you get her the Massage and buy the underwere from her. This is completed after Save the Rinny and let pixie control the manor.

Bug: When sneak in Ghost P's mansion with 3 npc around her in day time, interact with her will lock the game, the knight and ghost p cannot move and the player cannot use any button, but the game still moves as usual. 

Question: Why do Moonlight glass clock stop working after I wear them for a while? It now does not grand the invisability effect on the night any more.

Bug: Sphinx Pyramid challenge won't give the opportunity to answer second time once you enter the wrong answer, and the pyramid won't reset even you exit the Pyramid and come back later.

After I fly there with a fairy fly ability, I cannot get into the Wyvern's Peak Island, the mountain has a purple crystal up front blocking the way.