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What is the Dream?

Not a lot of watersport in this one

Thanks, got it.

Question, does r4.1 automatically looking for sace files?I deleted r 3.2 and cleared the recycle bin since my computer is nearly full, but when I open the new version it automatically has my old saves in it. 

It's pretty good since I don't need to replay the prologue and create my charcter again, but game movement gets slower than the last one and my surface book gets hot pretty fast.

By the way can we got feet play on more charcter? Such as Cassie or Lin Lin, that would be nice.

Bug discovered; when you use lust tonic on the Planet block in the forest, it will has lust effect on it, and when its been defect by lust effect, it will reveal the catboy behind it and approach as a catboy defeat. 

That's great, can't wait to see the new version comes out, hope we can get more visual representation. When you at it, would you let Edith get more interaction with the player?(The foot part is amazing) I wish we could get more stories with her, she seems to have more innerself we can excavated. 

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Game crashes in Ver 1.2b using windows 10 system

After enter the Junkyard Brothel at the first time, I touched the door on the bottom left, after first dialogue appears, the game waits a little and crashed. After that, ending a battle crashed the game as well. It was available once when I rendomlly checked it to be sure.

Script ' Gme_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method 'expr' for nil:NilClass

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Wiki Please?

Do you still want to update the wiki page? Some of the information is outdated. Also, do you still want to update the Tree Girl section? I am excited to meet another girl in this awesome game.