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I totally understand where you are coming from

I currently have a huge list of features ill be adding over the coming months, once ive exhausted these,  who knows, i might get bored and add export :)

but for the moment it is a huge undertaking that would take many months and benefit so few.

i have to keep my core group happy


As Richard mentioned, the ease of use (translation = time savings) and quality of the scenes from FlowScape blows away any other 3D modeling program.  I wouldn't be surprised if you doubled your user base once you had export capability, as most 3D users dabble in multiple programs to come up with the optimum 'pipeline' for producing their finished products.  I'm sure many 3D'ers would add FlowScape to their pipeline in a heartbeat.

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i disagree that it would be used by so few honestly i think your selling things short here you do realize adding the export could double your audience? its not a matter of weather or not current users will use the feature but rather a matter of future users using this feature not to mention the thousands of content creators that know how to use blender i think you are thinking too small here. i know how to use blender but would rather use flowscape and i think you will find a huge percent of the blender and other software users of the same type start using your software in tandem with there current software's 

I just wanted to mention that lack of exporting is the main reason this has remained on my wishlist for so long. I'll probably wind up buying it eventually, but if I saw exporting was added it would be an immediate purchase. I suspect you're underestimating how much people want the feature.