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FlowScape community · Created a new topic Ocean color?

The ocean feature is great fun!  Would love to see controls for water hue, lightness, and opacity...

Would it be possible to add the ability to select different bird species using the mouse wheel (similar to other items, like houses, rocks, etc.)?  It's strange to see gulls in the desert/forest, or hummingbirds at the beach.  Thanks for considering...

What if we don't care about Steam?  Will it still continue to be supported on

If we could scale the mesh of the terrain in the z-height it would allow so many more variations of starting points.  Don't know how that would affect the texturing, but it never hurts to ask...

Slightly related topic:  The 'Path' textures do not seem to scale down to the same size as the land, for instance, if you have a path that looks correctly sized relative to the terrain, the texture on the path will seem too large (rocks instead of pebbles, etc.)

If we could import our own material or export Flowscape material, we could perfectly match up a terrain created in Flowscape (say as a background) with terrain created in 3D application

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Bird options?

Hello, great game!  I will be using this to integrate into iClone scenes wherever I can.  Would it be possible to add 2 bird types:  Corvids (Ravens or Crows) and Seagulls?  These are found almost worldwide (at least in Northern Hemishpere) and would be suitable for most of the environments in the game, but would also add a touch of authenticity to a scene.  Thanks for considering!