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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest


A topic by naupo created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 1,237 Replies: 18
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Will this game be available on Steam in the future?

I prefer purchasing games from there, too. However, they have more stringent checks prior publishing.

My question would be if I buy it on Itch, will I have to rebuy on steam?


eventually, not sure when though as i am in no rush as there are a few updates planned first. And if you message me i can organize a free steam key.

The real hero here.

What is your email by the way?  I mean I see you have a twitter page, and you have no emailon your flowspage page, and i dont see a company website page.  So yea, what is your email?


Its not released on steam yet, so i dont have steam keys, a few days after launch i will have time to look into how to do this effectively and ill announce a way

Hi, Is there any way to get the steam key when I bought the game on your site? Thanks


check the stickied post


SO...if I buy from here on, can I use the same activation key in STEAM launcher?   Or do I have to buy it again on Steam?

no it wont work for steam from my understanding.  I think this version is cheaper as well but no steam key.  Steam launches in a day or so so should get it there.

Also interested in a steam key.

Same question here.If I buy from itch do I have to pay for a new license if I want the game to steam?

What if we don't care about Steam?  Will it still continue to be supported on


yes of course

If I buy the game on then I can download it to both windows and to mac. From steam it just seems to be to the windows. Is it true?


yes for now, will put mac and linux on steam soon

Ok Thanks