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Pity it doesn't load in Brave browser. Amazing screenie tho.

Currently busy with other things. Cheers, cya.

Not in this tool. But notice the trees tweaking utility comes with source, including the B3D saving part.

Here I use a feature of copperlicht / webGL that allows to have two textures on one single mesh, whereby the mesh's vertex alpha value determines the visibility of the "top" texture. Additionally Vertex-RGB is used to taint seaground and add diffuse shade under trees.

I'm fine, thanks. Hopefully you too!

Maybe you should split it up in subgames, one that goes into great detail about sailing, with very intuitive guides, for example how to sail against the wind, the other part more of a game that allows to explore the landscape. However as soon as you want to compete with todays graphics in 3D rendering, you require a huge world that can be streamed, or a very good on-demand procedural environment generator. So, the style of the world is an important decision to make, as it quickly reaches the limits, in rendering capabilities, as well as amount of work in content creation.

Really nice. Not sure whether I know how to sail now, but anyhow ^^

Excellent! Grass is a bit too dark. Off-road rocks too.

Nice physics. Love the rolling of the camera .

Really cool.

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Very nice. I've seen too many low poly rocks without smoothing groups in the past, but other than that very immersive. Runs pretty smooth on my weak laptop, in browser, for such a large terrain. BTW how to restart after death?

Here's a mod of the starfield example, allowing for speed control using the mouse.

; this is executed in the main loop:

If veteran=0






 For i=0 To nnn













;this is For Globals, Arrays, Media-Preloading And Functions

Global veteran=0

Global grapw=0

Global graph=0

Global grapw2=0

Global graph2=0

Global nnn=500

Dim star_x#(nnn)

Dim star_y#(nnn)

Dim star_x2#(nnn)

Dim star_y2#(nnn)

Dim star_speed#(nnn)

Dim star_col(nnn)

Function calc_stars(n,ms#)

 For i=0 To n










  If star_col(i)>255



  If (star_x#(i)<-50) Or (star_x#(i)>(grapw+70)) Or (star_y#(i)<-50) Or (star_y#(i)>(graph+50))








End Function

Function draw_stars(n)

 For i=0 To n






  Line(x,y,x2,y2) ; here's also a bugfix btw


End Function

Very interesting, thanks!

Didn't see any mail.

I guess there is an exe, like leveleditor.exe, inside the level folder. Notice this is not a mesh editor, it just lets you load and arrange meshes, sounds etc.

Thanks.      Yes, it's not a full game. However some spots I like there, certain bays.

Glad to see an update. Hope you're fine.

Great, well done.

Beautiful. Add some dialogues and there you go, feature movie.

Pretty good. The crosshair could be more visible.

Very nice, fresh ambiance, excellent tp cam. I wish it had savepoints.

This is digital LSD ^^

Nice gameplay.

Yeah, if time permits I probably will work on it some more, thanks.

Thanks. Yeah there's a ton of glitches, esp with the water under Blitz (vs WebGL). However, you can try and replace the water by something better. This one covers only the part surrounding the camera. If the latter moves, so does the water rectangle, but in jumps, to appear stationary. But these jumps must fit the tiling scale and animation loop, which is tricky to achieve. As I said, maybe best to be replaced entirely. I'm no waterologist ^^.

Yeah there were a couple of issues, one is DEP, data execution prevention. Older versions of the compiler executed some data segments, so that doesn't work, unless you set an exception for the EXE in windows. Also try to run in XP mode. Generally, in a 32 bit environment there's a better chance. Also because of the millisecs system timer in 64 vs 32 bit, that caused problems I fixed only in the 2021-reloaded release of the engine..

Thanks! Yeah, sorry about that. I don't think I'll reopen the old demo projects, even if I'd find the files. But some of them are still out there, as demos. Was a good time at blitzbasic.

Nothing at all. Furthermore, input buffer not being processed, when I click Back to get here, there comes the cursor keys and RMBs I did in the game. This on Win10, tho, I had other keyboard issues, probably hardware/driver related. So maybe I'm the only one.

Pretty cool. Like the grenade at the red cubes.

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Keys are kind of not responding. (Brave brower, Chromium based)

Great update. When the bots explode under rapid fire etc., the addblending really kicks in as a beautiful firework.

It's actually only a problem when walking back. As I wrote earlier, the setAttribute('tabindex',0) thingy fixed a similar issue, and it took me days to figure it out, so I thought I might save you that waste of time. However, my issue was my game wouldn't get any keys input at all, despite clicking the canvas, but the input was somehow stuck to an event handler of the surrounding page.

There is no start button, just a grey canvas (using Brave browser, that is Chromium based). make sure there's a index.html in the zip-file.

Years ago I have too made a rubiks cube. But without AI to solve it. However the player could record all his moves and then play it in reverse, so it was looking like the computer is solving the rubiks cube, lol.

Great game, love the add blending FX, very addictive. Maybe the level fade-in and -out effect should be a bit faster.

It's an amazing game, yet I would prefer at least an optional auto-follow camera.

FPS(demo) community · Created a new topic Great!

Probably the best fps for webGL I've seen here. Mouse gets too sensitive when framerate drops.

Great game. GUI still a bit WIP, but generally wow!

Beautiful design.

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Wow this is excellent. Has some Deus Ex / 47 vibe, just some textures and smoothing groups missing (which would make it look like a late 90ies game). Basically the controls are good, yet inside buildings I often lose orientation, When crouching in a corner, I can't raise the camera and maintain a pitch angle that actually allows to see where the guards are. Also, a mission re-briefing option would be nice. But over all very nice game, proper interaction implementation, Kudos.


no pointerlock after resume, making 360 degree turn impossible. (Brave browser)

Looks great.

I'd say, real or not, it's all about perception.  Keys issue seems fixed (or if you didn't change anything then my browser may react inconsistently). Happy Easter!