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Ok, I see, thx.

These days I got tons of things to arrange, but maybe I'll circle back at some point later on.

Thanks for letting me know. Maybe try to disable DEP, for this app. Also, does wine support directX 7? Wouldn't there be a license issue?

Yeah, not our fault, but that of mcrosoft. I know many people have this keyboard buffer overflow issue since years in win10, and no fix around.

Funny, not privacy invasion, but a bugged keyboard handler finally made me migrate to linux.

Don't know whether it's my machine, windows sucks - that keys buffer delay bug... Framerate fine, but controls barely responsive. R sometimes not working, also fire. I like the landscape very much, would rather explore it than die so quickly.

Here you go:

It is a rather weak Radeon R3 onboard card in a 2018 laptop. However, I can throw a hunderd kTris at it, no problem. But I've noticed strange slow-down with 4096px textures, compared to 2048px, which is weird. Maybe some address issue. But speed wasn't the game stopper. The dark Character on dark background was. I'll try a screenshot...

Impressive performence. The grass tends to blur to uni-green, maybe try adding a bit of random darkness via vertex color?

Nice design, the grass could be greener IMHO. Mouselook way too sensitive, and pointerlock missing - hard navigation. Camera dives into geometry.

Hope you don't mind a suggestion. Try: position dummy at supposed camera position, perform linepick from player character to dummy, then position the camera where the line hit geometry, if any, else at the dummy position.

(platforms can also hardly be seen)

Nice, except the character can hardly be seen, making it impossible to play. Framerate at the lower end. But really nice design and sound.

Also, there seems to be a competition for the keyboard, the game doesn't have full focus. When I press up/down, the page scrolls, despite mouselock. (Pretty scary, watching comments, no mouse^^)

Here's what I do to get forced, exclusive focus, despite itch's messing with the keys handler. I add to the canvas an  onclick handler, that calls a function that will:

var mycanvas=document.getElementById('yourcanvas'); 

It could be, that by not having full focus, the thread has a low cpu priority.

Also, have a look at the js error console, there's a bunch of warnings.

I tried that car at

It's about 10 fps on this non-gamer 2018 laptop. Try use the option to run the game in a new tab.

And maybe it's worth to look into that js assembler thing:

If I remember correctly, it can use the GPU, and do 3D vector calculations in a single processor instruction (like shaders do). Sounds perfect for a software renderer. You might end up faster than webGL.

This is weird. I remember last time this ran fluid, maybe 30 fps or even more. Now I get like 2 fps. Did you change anything? Or did somebody inject a crypto miner? You never know these days.

Or maybe it's the GIFs on the same page.

Glad you're fine with it. Hope you're fine.

Thanks. I had some engine limits. Like the outlines of masked textures are sharp and clumping, ruining the horizon unnecessarily. But generally speaking, yes, procedural can do a lot. You invest a lot of time in finetuning the procedure, hence a quick testing option is required. Once it is nicely tuned, it will take you just a click for a whole new world. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration ^^ Trees are originally procedural as well, see my procedural pine tree thing. Here I render those trees from 4 different angles, and cover 4 intersecting triangles with these renders. These ultra-lowpoly trees were meant as distant LOD trees, and on close distance they were meant to be switched with a higher poly version. But the thing became slow already, so I never added that.

Thanks! As a matter of fact I'll just play it again.

Beautiful and very atmospheric. Yet the camera is permanently jumping a bit up and down, or back and forth - is that intentional? When I set the cam angle so I see the horizon, framerate is grounded.

I checked the terminal repeatedly, not sure after opening the car etc. Pity it doesn't save my game state in a cookie or webstorage. But thanks!

Beautiful, but I got stuck after unlocking the car, can't seem to get to any further location, other than office and construction site.

Thanks! This "game" is mostly to show the output of the "fancy terrain generator". Pity tho, with an island that size, I'm getting a low framerate if I add too much NPCs and additional meshes like buildings.

However, making the terrain/ island only about 1/4 of the size, would be the way to go. All the other things like Ammo, medipack etc. pickups would then be simple additions. But the trees still need a proper LOD handler, right now only the ultra-low-poly version is shown, regardless of distance (4 triangles per tree). Also, I have to find a way to get smooth seams on alpha-masked, yet correctly z-sorted geometry, such as the trees. Also, fog causes a white seam problem with these alpha-masked textures, so I use a fog substitute made out of a  couple of add-blended cubes around the camera - far from elegant.

What  I really like here however, is how the grass adapts to the ground color, like the shade under trees, which is just individual vertex-color on the actual terrain mesh. And also, how the grass grows perpendicular to the  ground angle, and not just aligned to  the Y axis.

After 25+ years of windows it will be a pain. all the familiar tools I have to find substitutes for, and when I tried linux in the past, it was a lot about typing some cryptic bash commands, while being unaware what I'm actually doing.

But I've seen some vids about the "wicked engine", it's mind-blowing. And has a port for linux. No html5 target tho, but I'll find something there too.

Windows is good in many aspects, but this single keyboard problem, that seems to be persistent, without any attempts by microsoft to fix it, renders the whole machine practically useless. Whenever this behavior pops up and really pees me off, I can literally feel my hair turning grey. This is not a bug, this is a tool of psycho-terror. ^^

Yeah, I'll let people know how the migration went.

A lot around my head these days, but I'll see.

Looking good. You say it's the 2d context, so it's a software renderer? That's ambitious. Despite potential speed limits, or polycount, looking great so far. Make sure to support lightmaps, alpha-masked textures and add-blendmode.

Good work there. In webgl the camera near clipping range is to far,  I can peek through walls when close to them.

I only played "germany" and didn't reach Angela Merkel. She must be down there somewhere tho.

No I meant I may have to switch to linux. I got this keyboard buffer issue in win10, you press WASD or cursor keys in a game, response is delayed half a second, and then it fills the buffer with a million keystrokes, so when you release WASD, player keeps on walking, sometimes for like 10 seconds. Tried to find a fix, seems a common problem that always returns, even after some annoying cold booting health scanning/fixing thing. And it's not all the time, but about half of the time, almost like on odd minutes it works normally, on even ones it's totally screwed.

How can it be that such a prominent OS doesn't even have a working keyboard? A C64 keyboard is technical perfection in comparison.

I guess they get ESG perks if they add bugs to the product. Or / and maybe it's some authority rootkit keylogger that no antivirus detects.

So that's why I may switch to linux. Just have to find a distro that's good for games design and media editing.

I didn't know there was a wave until I was looking back. Needs rear mirror lol. Nice mapping.

Either way, windows keyboard buffer bug is taking the fun out here. Maybe linux soon.

I'm fine, thx, hope you too.

This code uses vertex color, but has the alpha in the texture of the trees. The B3D saving code has some remarks, should be possible to mod it so it will use vertex alpha. In the CSP engine  update there are some tools, one is a terrain splatting tool with up to 8 textures, with sourcecode, and can save B3D.

lol. But I expected something shocking on camera.

Nice design, love the settings menu. But no info on how to play.

Glad to help. Just added this to a current project, but (again) forgot that JS atan2 does not use -180 to 180 degrees, but I guess something like 0 to (Pi/2)- so I tried to find the "bug" for quite a while lol.

(2 edits)

I just dug this up:


// determine "away from player" opening direction factor (minus or plus 1)

   dtmp=ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(currentNode, "Position");// pos door pivot

   utmp=ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(ccbGetActiveCamera(), "Position"); // pos player

   var rad_rel=57.29577951; // to convert atan2 output to 0-360 degrees

   var adiv=Math.atan2(dtmp.x-utmp.x, utmp.z-dtmp.z)*rad_rel; // adiv#= ATan2((x1-ux),(y1-uy))

   adiv=((adiv+180.0 + doorsa[door_i].y ) % 360.0)-180.0; //adiv#=((adiv#+180.0 +a) Mod 360.0)-180.0

   if ((adiv >=-90) && (adiv <= 90)) { doorsdir[door_i]=-1; }

   else { doorsdir[door_i]=1; }


Notice: doorsa[door_i].y is the original angle of the door when closed.

I actually need the same thing. I was thinking to use put it into an iframe, then scroll the page by javascript, so only the canvas can be seen, that has the same size like the iframe on my webpage. However, I didn't try it yet, and maybe itchio uses a "break out of parent iframes" code that would prevent it.

If you have a website, then you could also host the game yourself, on your webpage, or register any ad-free free webspace and host it there. Download speed may be an issue on many free webspace hosts however.

Either way, would do well in offering seamless integration with nothing more than a discreet "Game Hosting kindly provided by" link.



Very playable, and nice colorful ambiance.

Very well done. However alternative ending would be nice. Like get out through a window and take down "Badge".  ^^

Excellent oldschool fps. I wish the laser was toggled.