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A Heartwarming Tabletop RPG of Travel, Wonder and Friendship
Ronin is a solo RPG in which the player builds the story of a wandering warrior in search of redemption.
A rules-light pen & paper RPG about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.
A Japanese Tabletop RPG of Anime Style Hyper-Asian Action and Drama
A collection of Japanese horrors for use with Yokai Hunters Society RPG and compatible with OSR games
A short solo TTRPG about defending a village from invading bandits. Inspired by Seven Samurai, by Akira Kurosawa
A game of drama, secrets, and betrayal in the shadows of a modern ninja war
Feudal Japan inspired hack of Cairn and Into the Odd
The heart of the samurai does not lie within decorative symbols, but within kernel programming.
A scenario for Yokai Hunters Society
Slice of Life Anime Realized
One page solo feudal Japan Cairn/Into the Odd hack
completing tasks for their Shogun using their wits and unique powers.
A diceless TTRPG set in feudal Japan
Traduction française du jeu de rôle décolonial Sad Oni RPG
A collection of Japanese horrors in tarot format
A set of 8 minis you can use for your Sengoku/Edo period adventures!
Un jeu de rôle sur le goût
Un juego sobre tiempo y deber en el Japón feudal
WFRP/Lawhammer Nippon Lore - Hex Map Jam Submission
A standalone, samurai-themed hack of Lasers & Feelings, with optional advanced rules
A Ryuutama scenario for level 1 characters
A (2nd) tribute by an Apple fanboy to his hero​.
A Tabletop RPG of honor, comedy, mechas, and weird stuff set in Edo period Japan.
A West Wing inspired one-page adventure
Samurai Gunslingers in the Old West!
A role-playing game about cursed katanas and vengenful spirits set in the Meiji era.
A Yokai Hunters Club adventure
You might find the perfect can of coffee. You will not, under any circumstances, find yourself.
Cadre de campagne modulaire pour convention sur plusieurs jours. now on YouTube!