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Gloomy jazz age struggles against cosmic horror. Mork Borg hack.
An apocalyptic horror RPG inspired by the works of the medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch
A collaborative history-building game about borders and small communities.
A Tarot RPG! Dive into adventures & wield sorcery, guided by a one-of-a-kind scenario divination and card ruleset.
A tabletop horror RPG about mortality and growth, set in an uncanny, creature-infested version of 1890s Louisiana.
A solo game where you play as a paranormal investigator staying 13 nights at a haunted bed and breakfast.
A Firebrands game to create messy entanglements between young ladies at a finishing school in the 1950s. (English)
A Story Game of Magic Lanterns, Political Revolution, and Pentagrams.
Create and protect your utopic future in this absurd time travel comedy ttrpg!
Historical randomizers for Kriegsmesser & Other Such Things
A medieval action ttrpg about animalfolk warriors travelling to violent duels. Illuminated by LUMEN.
a sad analogue RPG for one player about the first dog in space
Swear oaths to each other, meet rivals in battle, struggle against fate and destiny.
Tarot based RPG of political revolution in an alternate 1790s Paris
"Sweet mother, I cannot weave..."
A Lost & Found game about delicious food and the communities who prepare it.
Magdebörg is a solo/co-op game where you play an inhabitant of the City of Magdeburg during the sack of the city.
a ttrpg about witches who make pacts with demons while tripping on hallucinogenic brews!
Built a City together at the Table for any TTRPG system
A Regency Era One Page RPG
A solo journaling game about a struggling artist [Wretched & Alone]
A TTRPG of Myth, Mystery and Crime Set in the 19th Century Rural British Isles
A game of travel, storytelling and salt
A RPG of the of determination and hubris in South Pole inspired by Robert F Scott's fatal expedition to the South Pole
A TTRPG adventure/game in zine format about students of the arcane facing their last night of class.
Bridgerton meets Honey Heist? Scandalous!
Ein Firebrands-Spiel um turbulente Verwicklungen zwischen jungen Damen in einem Mädchenpensionat der 1950er (German)
A role-playing game about despair and hope in Arctic exploration
A Seafaring One Page RPG
The two player telegram game about love, yearning, and morse code
A Bronze-Age rules-light TTRPG about the tragedies and ambitions of larger-than-life characters
A short GMless TTRPG about survival cannibalism at sea and getting closure.
Context, tables, and a collection of faces for Cthork Borg.
RPG of Covert Magickal Intelligence. Primal & malevolent forces work against the ascendancy of Elizabethan power.
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