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A retro-modern mutant-animal role-playing game for your tabletop!
A Japanese Tabletop RPG of Anime Style Hyper-Asian Action and Drama
Expanding the retro-modern, mutant-animal, role-playing game!
Un jeu de rôle pour créer des histoire épiques dans l'esprit des pulps et série Z
A game of drama, secrets, and betrayal in the shadows of a modern ninja war
A tabletop RPG about unstoppable assassins in a glamorous underworld.
A short and sweet introductory RPG about a family of teenage sewer mutants
ur a dino ninja idk what else to tell u??
A mini-companion for Mutants in the Now, detailing the species of Christmas Island!
creative problem solving and character drama
completing tasks for their Shogun using their wits and unique powers.
Vous êtes un dino ninja ! Oui ! UN DINO NINJA !!!
You are terrible. You are beautiful. Transcend.
Ulotkowy RPG o Shinobi
A bookmark says you can become a ninja...if you prove yourself
Medieval Game (in developement) lets try and rate it.
A Honey Heist Hack of Swamp-Dwelling Ninjas
A standalone, samurai-themed hack of Lasers & Feelings, with optional advanced rules
A roleplaying game of secrecy and deception in ancient Japan
Create a team of awesome animal ninjas that fight bad guys!
GMLESS Dungeon Crawling Roguelike TTRPG
A one-page TTRPG about being a young ninja.
A Tabletop RPG of honor, comedy, mechas, and weird stuff set in Edo period Japan.
A 80x60 battlemap of a mystical feudal japan inspired waterfall dojo
Something screwy is going on at Bradford's dojo and it's up to your team to investigate!
A solo card game about ninjas and assassinations. Made for #SoloGameChef2022.
An ensemble game about secret ninja drama
Role-play fun in the sun, but don't get discovered.
Place transparent tiles of three ninja clans to remove the samurai protectors and eliminate the enemy Daimyo!
A lasers and feelings hack for playing as lego ninjas.
Send your Shinobi and beware the Ronin
Two games featuring the Comedy Ninja - Heavy Shadow
A Final Fantasy Ninja inspired playbook for the Slayers RPG now on YouTube!