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Sword-and-whiskers roleplaying
A game of magic, woodland creatures, and brutal murder.
A game of speculative biology
A Solo Hexcrawl RPG About Rediscovering The Wonders of The World
Adventures in a Dying Kingdom of Bugs
Explore The Estate with 11 all-new adventures for Mausritter
A retro-modern mutant-animal role-playing game for your tabletop!
A Solarpunk Collaborative Story-telling and Role-playing Game, based on the Four Points system.
an osr style setting, adventure, and 100 kinds of trash
A daring game of trust and thievery.
A solo RPG about letting go
A cute TTRPG where characters are magical pets at a magic school (Lasers & Feelings hack, in English & German).
Play as a gang of suburban animals trying to survive under the boot of humanity.
Make & play as weird animal hybrids - now fully released!
Expanding the retro-modern, mutant-animal, role-playing game!
Open your own bakery, design the menu, and journal about your most memorable customers!
A mutant punk animal rpg with a quintillion character combinations
A Game That Gathers Speed
You are: genetically engineered rats. Interns. Addicted to glowing green goop. Humanity's best hope.
Create Vast, Ruined Insect Kingdoms
A solo journaling game that will turn a week of your life into an adorable adventure.
A simple, fun TTRPG where characters are a bunch of rodents who want to win a guitar band contest (English and German).
A Hungry Gull Simulator.
A Competitive TRPG about Cats and Their Gangs
a ttrpg about survival and community as a rabbit
Play as animals in the cosmic horror setting of Cthork Borg.
A GMless anthropomorphic slice of life ttrpg using the Buddy System.
An unofficial supplement for Mausritter that provides mice with tools to create/find potions and poisons.
A tabletop RPG about a goose, and the townsfolk it terrorizes.
A Solo World-Building TTRPG
You're a little dung beetle with a crappy job. A solo journaling game / beetle job sim.
The Lilliputian airship Sky Pig has crash-landed and tensions are high amongst the surviving crew
A game about blood, mystery, and surviving immortality together
Supplement for the Ironsworn TTRPG
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