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✕Virtual Reality

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Toptagged Virtual Reality (29 results)

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Trip the Mush ✨🍄✨
That scene from The Lawnmower Man, made real, for Oculus Rift
Small VR Vive experience
2.5 week project by our artists to create a VR art scene in Unreal
VR-Optional Film experience for OSVR, SteamVR and Oculus users - Scare your friends!
VR relocation prototype
Realistic Rendering of an actual Fine Art Gallery in Saint Augustine, Florida
A VR Holiday Experience
small VR scene
A HoloLens game of Apartment Management
small VR scene
constructing landscapes
A student project analysis of virtual reality capability
A high contrast giant VR wall clock for the visually impaired.
A virtual museum.
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VR Visionary Arts Gallery
Enjoy and turn your mobile or tablet into a Virtual Xylophone with real sound
A VR media player powered by VLC
Lots of particles - in VR
A simple template for VR games in Unity 5
VR depth painting test
A minute long VR abstraction experiment
VR teleport test
virtual sound installation
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