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Jonu updated a game 1 year ago
A browser game made in Flash.
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A_TGoTC_Game_Szene 1.swf Play in browser
Jonu published a game 1 year ago
A browser game made in Flash.
A distAn atmospheric horror point 'n click A disturbing horror game... I put a lot of effort in this game! If you like it and want the series to continue: For the development of Episode II I am seeking funds through crowdfunding. If you wan...
A browser game made in HTML5.
This is a "game" where you get a glimpse at 1 day in the life of Spongebob Squarepants (star of Nickelodeon's hit NBC sitcom Two and a Half Men) Viacom and Comcast pooled their money together and paid me 420 million dollars for making this...
Sight21 published a game 2 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
Heist: Kuro is a young cat who dreams of becoming a mage. Once day a message arrives, and he gets accepted into the dungeon program. And so his adventure begins, what lies before him is unknown. He will meet many adventurers along the way...