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Writers Summer 2017 is here, the 3rd year in a row of a major event behind hosted by Comix-Blade has come! Show us your writing potential at it's absolute best! All entries from multi-media are allowed! Comics, Books, Animations, to Games. As long as there is a story attached to it. We are more than happy to see what you can show us!

All entries once submitted will be advertised on the Comix-Blade Twitter and Facebook pages, we will not be taking any credit for your work. In reality, we are promoting it and this event at the same time.


  • The content must be made during 2017.
  • Theme is that of story driven content; you're free to choose how you'd like to represent it.
  • Team and or independent works are allowed to be used.
  • Original content only, fan works are not allowed.
  • You are allowed any number of submissions.
  • WIP series' ( As in Episodes for a comic ) are allowed however the series must end by the deadline, otherwise your entry will be labeld as a 'cliff hanger.' Your submissions will still be accepted, just no more entries after that point will be considered.


  • To be announced.

If you'd to know more information of the hosts behind the Jam, please do feel free to enter our Discord server:

- Comix-Blade: Official Discord

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A very short story about a depressed sponge who does drugs and says swear words.
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An Atmospheric Horror Game!
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A young cat is to begin his pilgrimage of becoming a grand mage. What will he find? You decide how the story ends!
Visual Novel