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1 Hour Rule - Question

A topic by The Neo GameFactory created May 05, 2017 Views: 102 Replies: 5
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This 1 Hour rule, is it meaning only the programming time or also the project setup in the engine? (Folder hierarchy or so)

Just asked two days ago the practicaly the same thing

The idea is to develop the game in 1 hour TOTAL in the whole week.


At the end, you decide what challenge you want to take up. If you're programmer, you may want to consider only the programming time. Personally I expect to shorten the whole process, i.e. from finding the idea to releasing the packages on, because I want to become more efficient in all of that. Moreover I expect to do that every week, and time adds up quickly, but I don't want to waste a lot of time making these games, that's the reason behind the one hour rule. But for now I always exceeded.


Wasn't easy, for me was the 1 hour rule only programming and designing the game. No Bug hunting, balancing, idea finding or asset importing :D

good bug hunting and test the game balance is the most important thing in development and that isn't done in one hour ;)


Your core mechanics are good! So now if you feel limited by the game balancing that needs too much time, maybe next time you should focus on improving these particular skills ;)


Yeah :D maybe ;)

i'm a perfectionist and that's the problem. i test my game several minutes to hours to balancing my game. and after uploading my project i tested it again and found out that i failed with balancing :D

the begin is very hard, and good so, but if you have at least 30 wood in your campfire it is to easy. i survived over 1200 seconds and then i lost my interest (200 wood in campfire at this time) ;) so i must make the enemy stronger with more wood in the campfire and that is what i learned for the next games :) ;)