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Your Cat Lives In A DemocracyView game page

So he's free to choose where to sit.

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Your Cat Lives In A Democracy's page

Do you allow us to show your work in case we organize exhibitions dedicated to WHGJ games?

Show my work!

I agree to take part in such exhibitions.

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Hey thank you.

With windows you only have one virtual screen, desktop, with mac you have for every fullscreen application a virtual screen.
so in windows i must switch with alt+tab and with the macbook pro i switch with a gesture on the touchpad ;) and both are in fullscreen. three fingers on the touchpad and then slide it so the right or left side so switch the fullscreen apps. this is so easy and fast.

also, in windows i have the problem that xamarin studio doesn't open the correct file, if i click in the unity inspector on a c# file, xamarin only opens the project but not the file. so i must search in xamarin's hierarchy and so on...

but i really like the fullscreen app switch with three fingers on the touchpad. :)


Got it, it was because of the sound file... I never had this problem before.


Usually I release a WebGL build, but in this case it doesn't load, I'll investigate today.

I also wanted to put everything on GitHub since I see no value of keeping secret a prototype made in one hour compared to the benefit people would have to explore the code. Well, maybe this benefit is small as well since it is prototypic code...

Interesting for the speed up, in which way?


You used also unity to make games, like the most of us, right?
please release also a linux and mac version if you have a download version ;)

my gaming pc is windows, but my programming is all done with a macbook pro. it speed up my programming you would not believe.