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Doubt about Rule 3

A topic by sachosdev created May 04, 2017 Views: 85 Replies: 3
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Im not sure i understand Rule 3

  1. Develop within one hour. Just find one hour during your week. It may even be several sessions, as long as the total time is no more than one hour.
Is this 1 hour per day rule? I cant sit an develope for 2 hours straight then? What if i dev for 1 hour, stand up for 1 minute, and sit back again i find this rule kinda odd. Or is it 1 hour TOTAL for the whole week?

Well the basic idea is that it must not take long to make the game. That's because if you make a game per week, it could add up to a lot of time... So the guideline is to stay within one hour per game. You can split it over several days, for instance fifteen minutes per day. Honestly I always exceed, I usually do it in three hours.

Ohhh i see, yeah damn a game in 1 hour? Thats tough, will have to give it a try some day.


No pressure, do as you feel.