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What is the War Games Jam?

The War Games Jam asks participating teams to create an innovative war video game inspired by IWM’s collections and stories of conflict from 1914 to the present. It was developed by the IWM Institute, IWM's research, development and knowledge exchange hub in partnership with the Historical Games Network and the University of Glasgow Games and Gaming Lab. It forms part of IWM's War Games season


What are we looking for?

We’d like to see games which feature unexpected and under-explored stories of conflict, embracing creativity, empathy and diversity in their design and challenging our expectations of what war video games can be.

Is there a theme?

Each video game must be inspired by one of our specially-selected IWM collection items now viewable here

It is up to competitors how tightly or loosely they wish to stick to the object’s story or weave the object into the game - ‘inspired by’ can mean many things and we are interested in thought-provoking and lateral interpretations, as long as they are clear and rationalised, and topics are handled in a sensitive manner.

What are the dates?

Starts: Monday 13 February, 9AM

Ends: Monday 20 February, 8PM

Who can join?

> Please email with any questions.

> You may enter individually or as part of a team. Team numbers are capped at six.

> A max of 50 teams can take part in the Games Jam and entry will be granted on a first come first served basis.

> You must be UK-based to participate.

How do I take part?

We will be accepting two types of submission:

> Best Playable Game

> Best Game Concept

All entries should be submitted via Games must be playable on Windows 10 or 11 or via Concepts should be submitted as PDFs, Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Powerpoint slides.

We’d love to see behind-the-scenes footage and photos of your team or you individually at work making your game! Feel free to submit these as part of your entry and directly on These may be posted on IWM’s social media and webpages but not without your consent.

Judging & Criteria

Your entry will be judged by a panel of experts from Imperial War Museums, the Historical Games Network and World of Tanks according to the below criteria which will be marked out of five:

  • ORIGINALITY & CREATIVITY: Does this game have a creative and original approach to storytelling around conflict? (5 POINTS)
  • EMPATHY: Does this game embrace empathy in its storytelling and design i.e. does it explore the human impact of war? (5 POINTS)
  • DIVERSITY: Does this game embrace diversity in its different forms? (5 POINTS)
  • PLAYABILITY (FOR SUBMITTED WORKING GAMES): How accessible and sophisticated is the game in terms of playability? (5 POINTS) OR: PRESENTATION: (FOR GAME NARRATIVES): How well is the game idea conveyed through narrative, visuals and/or sound? (5 POINTS)
  • FUN (FOR ALL CONCEPTS): How fun and engaging is the idea submitted for the game? (5 POINTS)

Rules & Ethics

All entries must be respectful and conscious of others. Entries deemed to be inappropriate or offensive will be immediately removed. Conflict has a real world impact - remember this as you create your game.

What if I have questions?

The IWM Institute & HGN will run two online clinics during the week of the jam, answering questions pertaining to narrative, concept and technical issues.

Clinic #1 - Monday 13 February, 6pm - 7pm

Clinic #2 - Friday 17 February, 6pm - 7pm

Winners & Prizes

Entries into the War Games Jam will be judged by a panel of experts from Imperial War Museums, the Historical Games Network and World of Tanks. Read more about our judging panel here.

We will be awarding a prize for Best Playable Game and a prize for Best Game Concept with runner ups and special mentions in each category. Winning entries will be publicised on IWM’s website and social media channels. 

Prizes Now Announced!

First Prize

Award-winning video game developer and publisher are offering an exclusive online masterclass + Q&A with top specialists from the Company's flagship title World of Tanks. Winners will receive an unparalleled behind-the-scenes insight into the world of video game creation and also have the chance to talk to experts about building a career in the sector.

War Games season sponsor Rebellion will also be hosting winning teams for an online meet and greet, offering expert feedback on winner’s entries into the War Games Jam, followed by a live Q&A session with leading specialists working on some of Rebellion’s genre-defining games, such as its flagship series Sniper Elite.

Runner Ups

Runner Ups (x1 per category) will receive video game-themed Goodie Bags containing a World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Artbook and World of Tanks IS-7 Tank Figurine, both kindly contributed by, along with bestselling items from IWM’s War Games exhibition shop.

Special Mentions

Special mentions selected by the judging panel will receive bestselling merchandise from IWM’s War Games exhibition shop

Terms & Conditions for Entrants

> All entries will be subject to IWM’s terms and conditions available here. Please read this document carefully before submitting your entry.

> IWM will use your details for the jam only and will not further use or disclose your email or any personal information without your consent. Your information will only be kept for as long as is required for the jam. See the IWM Privacy Policy.

> IWM will require that all entries are compliant with copyright, GDPR and other appropriate legislative requirements. 

> Prizes: The prize(s) must be taken by the winner(s) only unless otherwise agreed in writing by IWM. Details of how to claim the prize(s) will be included in the winner’s email. There is no cash or other alternative for the prizes in whole or in part.

> If a team is chosen as a winner, prizes will be given to the person identified as lead applicant. Each team is responsible for dividing or sharing any prizes awarded as they deem fair.

> The competition excludes employees and the immediate families of Imperial War Museums.


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